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1969 - 1970

The King and I

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The King and I is a moving, radiant story of East meets West. It is the early 1860s when newly widowed Anna Leonowens and her son, Louis, set sail from their native England for Bangkok, Siam (now Thailand). Anna, still grieving, has set her sights on a new adventure and taken a position as the schoolteacher for the royal offspring of the King of Siam.

The King is determined to usher Siam into the modern world, and he thinks Western education can be a part of that – yet, Anna is horrified at first by many of the traditions that he holds dear. Anna and the King struggle to find common ground. The King is largely considered to be a barbarian by rulers of the West, and he takes Anna on as an advisor, asking her to help change his image – if not his actual practice. With both keeping a firm grip on their respective traditions and values, Anna and the King teach each other about understanding, respect, and love that can transcend the greatest of differences. Beneath the fraught, fiercely opinionated, conflict-ridden surface of Anna and the King’s relationship lies one of the most unique love stories in the musical theatre canon.

Director: Bob Gardiner

Musical Director: Bert (Berthold) Carriére

Choreographer: Paulette Burgess (Roberts)


Alison Fay

Royal Children

Andrew Fay

Royal Children

Anthony McGee

Royal Dancer/Guard/Priest of Siam

Bill Luxton

The King

Brenda Joe

Royal Children

Brenda Worthing

The Amazons

Carol Fontaine

Anna Leonowens

Cheryl Cochrane

Royal Dancer/Dog

Christine Joe

Royal Children

Cindy Van

Royal Children

Danua Kousaie

Royal Wife

Dario Echeverri

Phra Alack

David Clark

Royal Children

Denise Carriére

Royal Dancer/Dog

Diane Roy

Royal Wife

Dorothy Holtz

Royal Dancer

Eddie Nunn

Sir Edward Ramsay

Ethlyn Brozonsky

Royal Children

Faye Lavell

Royal Wife

Gerry Morris

Royal Dancer/Buddha

J.E. Hassell

Louis Leonowens

Jacquie Maundrell


Janet Shearn

Royal Dancer/Little Eva

Jean Wheeler

Royal Wife

Jessica Gardiner

The Amazons

Jim Kerr

Royal Dancer/Angel George

Joan Doucette

Royal Dancer/Uncle Thomas

Joan Short

Royal Dancer/Eliza

John Thomas

Royal Children

Johnna McNamee

Royal Dancer

Jon Wheeler

Royal Dancer/Guard

Kathy Palmer

Royal Wife

Kim Graham

Royal Dancer/Topsy

Laura Thomas

Royal Children

Laurie Joe

Royal Children

Linda Kemeny

The Amazons

Liz O'Hara

Royal Wife

Lorraine St. Laurent

The Amazons

Lucy Lui

Princess Ying Yaowlak

Mary Lou Carrier

Royal Dancer

Melvyn Robertson

The Priests of Siam

Mitchell Culley

Prince Chululangkorn

Nancy Awang

Royal Dancer

Nancy McCaig

Royal Dancer

Nick Michelis

Lun Tha

Patricia Kelly

Royal Wife

Patti Anne Johnson

Royal Dancer

Pauline Couture

Royal Wife

Pete (Pierre) Landry

The Kralahome

Randy Smith

The Priests of Siam

Ray Boucher

The Priests of Siam

Rebecca Weagant

Royal Dancer

Robert Carriére

Royal Dancer/Drummer

Russ Thomas Jr.

The Priests of Siam

Sharon Picard

Royal Dancer

Sharron McCormick

Royal Wife

Susan Taylor

Lady Thiang

Ted Brook

The Priests of Siam

William Smith

Captain Orton


Ann Goetz

Programme Cover Design

Ann Goetz

Set Designer

Beryl Elliot (Exclusive Hairstyling)


Christine McCulloch Allan


Dorothy Gough

Social Chairman

Ed Yeatman

Show Poster

Faye Lavell

Ticket Manager

Jean Haynes

Production Assistant

Jean Pascale (Pascale Studios Ltd.)

Make-up Artistry

Joan Galbraith

Assistant to Director

Judy Froome


Ken Wooley

Audio and Sound

Len Morin

Social Chairman

Liliane Winter


Lorna Rice

Accompanist/Assistant Musical Director

Marcel Carriére

Production Co-ordinator

Mark Brooks

Ticket Manager Assistant

Nancy Turner

Lighting Designer

Norma Coll

Costume Designer

Pamela Payant


Rick Matheson

Printed Programme

Rick Matheson

House Manager

Sis Bower

Costume Mistress

Terry Moran

Stage Manager

Terry Moran

Workshop Chairman

Tsin Van (Van's Studios)


Vi Galvin


The King and I
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