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2000 - 2001

Man of La Mancha

Sixteenth Century, Seville, Spain…

Miguel de Cervantes and his manservant are imprisoned by the Spanish Inquisition.  Their fellow prisoners try Cervantes, and, if he is found guilty, they will confiscate all his possessions, which include his manuscript of his novel “Don Quixote”.

Cervantes is granted permission to plead his case in the form of an entertainment, so he transforms himself into Don Quixote, knight errant. His manservant and the prisoners portray the rest of the characters in the story.  Don Quixote’s quest to restore the age of chivalry and to right all wrongs leads him down very challenging paths. In his imagination, a simple roadside inn becomes a castle and the serving wench/prostitute Aldonza becomes his lady “Dulcinea”.  He alone sees the beautiful and serene qualities in everything. 

When all of this is considered utter lunacy by Aldonza and the other denizens of the Inn he replies with all his heart with The Impossible Dream.   Aldonza no sooner starts to believe in Quixote’s idealism when she is beaten and ravaged by muleteers.  Disillusioned and forced to face reality she denounces the Quixotic dream.  Quixote himself is challenged to and loses a duel and is forced to see himself as everyone else sees him.

Later, Aldonza, plagued yet enlightened by the brief glimpse of glory she once held, makes her way to the dying Alonso Quijana –  who once called himself Don Quixote – hoping to rekindle his vision of glory.  She succeeds, and for a moment he regains his strength and revels once again as Don Quixote, Lord of La Mancha, only to falter and die.  Going forward, Aldonza refuses to let his dream die and again claims to be Dulcinea.

As Cervantes ends his story, the prisoners, deeply moved, return his manuscript to him, and urge him forward in his battle with the Inquisition.

Director: Michael Gareau

Musical Director: Marylen Milenkovic

Choreographer, Assistant Director: Debbie Millett


Bob Lackey

Miguel de Cervantes/Don Quixote/Alonso Quijana

Brenda Solman

Prisoner in the Pit

Christine Drew

Maria, the innkeeper's wife

Cindy Beaton

Antonia, Alonso's niece

Dennis Van Staalduinen

Cervantes' Manservant - Sancho Panza

Frank Duern

Flamenco cantor & guitarist, Anselmo - a muleteer, ensemble

Gary King

Governor, Innkeeper

Greg MacIntosh

Lupe - a muleteer, ensemble

Jonathan Wilson

Guard, ensemble

Kate Brennan-Alpert

Flamenco dancer, Moorish dancer, Rocinante (dancing horse)

Kelly Whelan


Klarka Zeman

Moorish singer

Kris Lizuck

The Duke, Dr. Sanson Carrasco, Knight of the Mirrors

Laura Duncan

Fermina, a serving girl

Lawrence Evenchick

Tenorio - a muleteer, ensemble

Martin Hankes-Drielsma

Guard, ensemble

Nicholas Nasrallah

Paco - a muleteer, ensemble

Patrick Donahue

Captain of the Inquisition, ensemble

Randy Allen

Juan - a muleteer

Sandy Dale

Pedro - the head muleteer, Moorish singer, ensemble

Sean Speer

Guard, ensemble

Sharron McGuirl

Juana, Alonso's housekeeper

Shaun Toohey

Barber, Dapple (dancing mule)

Sudarsan (Suds) Narasimhan

Jose - a muleteer

Tara Heft

Moorish singer

Terry Duncan

Padre Perez


Ann Ricard

Costume Designer

Blaine Cameron

Assistant Sound Designer

Brenda Solman

Assistant Stage Manager

Carole Quirk

Wardrobe Mistress

Cheryl Jarvis Woods


Christy Bindhardt

Set Designer

David Magladry

Lighting Designer

Gary Bahm

Apprentice Make-up Designer

Jill Thompson

Production Assistant

John Solman

Executive Producer

Lena Triebe

Stage Manager

Lieanne Koivukoski

Assistant Stage Manager

Maureen Chaume

Scenic Artist

Mike Brown

Sound Designer

Nicole Williams

Apprentice Hair Designer

Paul Legault


Penny Koch

Properties Designer

Sandi Mish

Costume Production Manager

Stan Fenwick

Production Coordinator

Stan Madore

Master Carpenter

Steve Jones

Technical Director

Susan Dacey

Make-up Designer, Hair Designer

Man of La Mancha
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