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The Geisha

Stationed in the Orient, far from his financee Molly, Reggie Fairfax, RN, finds himself lonely for feminine company. He begins to spend much of his free time at the Tea House of Ten Thousand Joys which is run by Chinaman Wun-Hi. There he meets the lovely geisah O Mimosa San with whom he builds a friendship. The relationship does not go unnoticed by the Lady Constance Wynne who contacts Molly, telling her she had better come to the Orient as quickly as possible. The local overlord Marquis Imari, who also fancies Momosa, orders the teahouse be closed and that the girls be sold off.

In an attempt to attract her husband while dressed as a geisha, Molly gets caught in the auction where Lady Constance successfully outbids Imari for Momosa before she notices that the Marquis now has his eye on Molly. With the help of Mimosa and the British entourage, Molly is rescued and the French interpreter Juliette ends up being married to the Marquis in her place. (Resource: Ganzl, Kurt, Musicals, Carlton Books Limited, 1995.)

Producer (Director): Fred L.C. Pereira

Musical Director: James A. Smith

Dance Arranger: Alice Hébert


Agnes Cheeseman

Midshipman Tommy Stanley

Alexander Gray

Officer Geroge Grimston

Aline Lahue (Lindleyy Laheuix)

Dancing Girl

Barbara Haydn

Miolly Seamore

C.R. Medland, Mrs.

Juliette Diamant

D. Roy Kennedy


D.M.Esdale, Miss

Yachting Guest

E.M. Pontifex, Miss

Yachting Guest

F.E. Dunlevie

Office Arthur Bronville

Frankie Brady, Miss

Dancing Girl

G.W. Richardson, Mrs.


Gertrude Rodger

O Mimosa San

Gwen Low


H.F. Bode, Mrs.


Horace M. Butler

Marquis Imari

Irene Richardson

Dancing Girl

James P. Kenney

Capt. Reginald Fairfax

James Scott

Wun -Hi

Jessie Livingstone

Dancing Girl

John Baron

Captain Katana

K. Wright, Miss

Yachting Guest

Kay Farley

Dancing Girl

Kingsley Ault

Sailor Dick Cunningham

M.E. Flack, Miss


M.G. Helman, Miss


Marcella Amy

Dancing Girl

R. Morgan, Mrs.

O Mimosa San

R. Pearson, Mrs.

Molly Seamore

Vivian St. Pierre

Juliette Diamant

Weston Allan, Mrs.

Lady Constance Wynne


Adam McGregor

Stage Manager

Desmond McMahon, Major


O.K. Gibson, Lt.-Col.


R.J. Birdwhistle, Lt.-Col.

Business Manager

Stanley Todd, Major


Vera Moreland


Weston Allan, Mrs.


William Adkins

Set Design and Construction

The Geisha
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