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Our Donors Make It Possible!

While watching an Orpheus production, you can see exactly where your donations are going. Your $200 covered fabric for four costumes. $950 bought the plywood for a set. $1000 allowed you to hear at least three performers by giving them microphones. Quite simply, without your generous donations, we would not be able to continue providing you with high quality, community musical theatre as we have for the past 117 years! But there's so much more that you don't see.

Your donation sustains our home for rehearsing and building the productions. It provides the tools and equipment, and ensures the safety of all. Your support helps to provide ongoing training and development for all at Orpheus to improve their skills and quality of productions on stage. It provides the community a shared space to experience the positive impact of the arts. Your contribution can make the difference in the life of a young, budding artist who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity for free or low cost arts education. Altogether, it is thanks to your generosity that Ottawa has a cultural home enriching the life of the community.

Wherever your donation lands, it is most certainly making a difference in the lives of many, including the audience as it maintains high quality theatre at reasonable prices.

Tax receipts are issued for donations of $20 or more.

Orpheus Musical Theatre is a not-for-profit arts organization and registered charity in compliance with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Orpheus Musical Theatre Charitable Business Number: 11907 0415 RR0001 

Ways To Donate

You may make a one time, or a convenient recurring donation.


Send us a cheque with your donation:

Orpheus Musical Theatre

17 Fairmont Ave.

Ottawa, ON K1Y 1X4

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The Benefits of Donating

Triple Threat.png

Thanks to our
2023 - 2024 Season Donors

Show Stopper

$1000 +

The Baxter Family

Mary E. Comerton

Joan Ellis

Jared Langdon &

Angela Schafer

Jean Liberty

Mr. & Mrs. David Paterson

Patricia & Charles Spratt

Triple Threat

$500 - $999

Maureen Acres

Al & Linda Albania

C.L. Allan, In Memory of

J.C. Kennedy

Marty & Ellie Black & Family

Lillian L. Kubow

Debbie Miller-Smith

Evelyn Monson

J.T. Morris

In Memory of Edward, Elisabeth & Edward Philip Oscapella

Scott & Valerie Reid

Ada Scott

Andrew & Louise Travill

Legendary Producer

$250 - $499

Don Bradt

Bob Bridges

Malvary Cole

Susan & Jake Cole

Tanya Chang & Mark Muench, Maybelle Chapleau

Judy Froome

Allison Hamilton

Rod Holmes: past Musical Director

Dr. Ernst B. Jacobsen

Brian Kelly

Andrea Kinsley & Matthew Guindon

Sally Mc

Kerry McConnery

John McGovern & Maureen Quinn McGovern

Dawn Miller

Neil, Heather, & Caelan Monkman

Barbara Nunn, In Memory of Eddie Nunn

Michelle O’Brien

Barry Sims

Cathy Wilson, In Memory of Peter Wilson

Cheryl Jarvis Woods & Bob Woods

Backstage Champion

$150 - $249

Brian Boggs

Carol Chamberlain

Chris Donaldson

Grant & Naomi Fowlie

Michael Gareau

R. Garnett Gow

Debbie Guilbeault

Pam & Peter Harle

Rob Henderson

Mary Pat Kelly

Faye & Larry Lavell

Susanna & Gabriel Pollock

Bruce Robinson

Cynthia Sanoy

In Loving Memory of

Carmello Scaffidi

Arlo & Maureen Speer

David Willey & Danielle Cordeau

Star Performer

$100 - $149

Andréa Black

Denise Clement

Hayley Cooper

Allan & Linda Cutler

Sandy & Angela Dale

Jennifer Grimsey,

In Memory of Bryan

Sally Houston

Janice Huus

Janet Laba


Jacques Mayer

Cathy McKechnie

Gary & Barbara McMillan

Gay McMillen

Moran Family

Michele Myrah

Brian & Judith Neal

Jackie Nemesvary

B.L. Newman

Carol & Laurie Pascoe

Doris Quinn

Rebecca Russell

Dave & Pat Sinclair

Sam Smith

Mr. & Mrs. J. Stovel

Larry & Cathy Tarof

Chiyo Watanabe


$1 - $99

Paula Batson

Aaron Bergbusch

Ira Beylis-Harutz

Helen Brown

Jayne Delery

Joan Fitch

The Grimsey Family

Marie Guenette

Maisaloon Hammoud

Rachelle Laferriere

Pascal & Myriam Laliberte

Maureen Monaghan

Marcel Neron

Brian & Judy Neal

Claudie Patry

Sarah Plager

Janet Quirt

TL Rader

Cathy & Dan Sigler

Doug Thicke

Jill & Alastair Thompson

Joanne Walker

Niamh Webber

Rebecca Wemyss

A Naughty Mouse

If you wish to discuss how your donation can benefit Orpheus Musical Theatre and the community, please contact General Manager, J.T. Morris, at

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