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1956 - 1957


Deep in the Scottish highlands, two young American tourists, Tommy Albright and his friend Jeff Douglass, lose their way. Suddenly, they stumble across a village which they are unable to find on their map. Tommy and Jeff enter the village fair where they meet the lovely Fiona MacLaren and the bubbly Meg Brockie. Preparations are being made for the wedding of Fiona's sister Jean and Charlie Dalrymple. As the two Americans become increasingly wrapped up in the festivities, Tommy, who has just left an unhappy love affair in New York, grows increasingly fond of Fiona, but the quaint little village of Brigadoon and its townspeople are a puzzle to him. The people don't recognize American money, and they don't seem to know what a telephone is. Tommy's curiosity increases when he finds that Charlie has signed the MacLaren family Bible with the year "1746".

Tommy and Fiona spend the day together, growing ever closer, but soon Tommy presses Fiona for an explanation about the town. She decides that Jeff and Tommy should meet Mr. Lundie, the old schoolmaster, who would be better able to explain the situation in Brigadoon. What he tells the two visitors is that, fearing evil from the outside world, he asked God "to make Brigadoon an' all its people in it vanish into the Highland mist. Vanish, but not for always. It would return jus' as it was for one day every hundred years." No villager is allowed to leave, or the spell would be broken and Brigadoon would disappear forever, but a stranger would be able to remain if he fell in love.

As it turns out, the wedding of Charlie and Jean triggers a crisis which threatens the very existence of Brigadoon. Harry Beaton, in love with Jean and heartbroken at the thought of ther marrying another man, decides to leave town to break the spell. The villagers chase after him, but when Jeff trips Harry, the man strikes his head and dies.

Meanwhile, Tommy decides that he loves Fiona and that he wishes to stay in Brigadoon, but when he hears of Harry's death and the role that Jeff has played in it, Tommy is convinced that Brigadoon must just be a dream and he decides to return to New York.

Back in New York, Tommy can't get the thought of Fiona out of his mind. Accompanied by Jeff, he returns to Scotland hoping that Brigadoon might once again reappear. As they wonder if maybe it all really was a dream, the highland mists part to reveal the bridge that leads to the heart of Brigadoon. Tommy is reunited with Fiona, to remain with her forever in Brigadoon.

Dramatic Director: Bill Glenn

Musical Director: E.J. Robbins, L.G.S.M.


Alison Thomas

Meg Brockie

Audrey Jordan

Wash Woman

Barbara Lepine

Flower Girl

Betty Cowan

Wash Woman

Bobby Dermer


Charlotte Ireland

Wash Woman

Cpl. Don Bishop


Cpl. George Grant


D'Arcy Scott


David Battle

Archie Beaton

David Dale

Sheep Boy

Des Gibson

Jeff Douglas

Doris Teal

Town Girl

Dorothy Beale


Dorothy Gough

Town Girl

Douglas Johnson

Angus McGuffie

Douglas Perrin

Sheep Boy

Earl Crowe

Stuart Dalrymple

Elizabeth Wardell

Highland Dancer

Freda Lyon Blain

Fiona MacLaren

Heather Blaine

Highland Dancer

Jackson Smith

Harry Beaton

Janet Fell

Highland Dancer

Jean Halley

Town Girl

Jean Sholds

Little Girl

Jean Wheeler

Wash Woman

Jim Harker

Andrew MacLaren

Joan MacDonald


John Clark

Charlie Dalrymple

John MacKenzie

Pipe Major

Keith Harris

Sandy Dean

L.A.C. Alec Keith


L.A.C. John MacPhail


Leo Morency

Sheep Boy

Lise Cohen


Lorraine Devine

Highland Dancer

Madeleine Gratton

Village Idiot

Margaret Mahony

Town Girl

Margot Carman

Town Girl

Marie O'Toole

Wash Woman

Marilyn Argue

Highland Dancer

Marilyn Arthur

Jane Ashton

Marjorie Ewert

Jean MacLaren

Marjorie Stranks


Mary Allen


Maurice Trottier

Sheep Boy

Norma Coll


Norman O'Connell

Sheep Boy

Peter Muir


Rheina Dagenais

Maggie Anderson

Robert Edgington

Mr. Lundie

Robin Hood

Sheep Boy

Rose McCallum

Town Lady

Ruby Rutkowsky

Wash Woman

Russell Yapp

Frank, Sheep Boy

Ruth Bennie

Town Girl

Salvatore Pantalone

Tommy Albright

Sheila Hawley


Shirley Shaver

Little Girl

Suzanne Bury


William Murray



Al Hussey

Business Manager

Barbara Wills

Script Assistant

Christine McCulloch Allan

Prompter, Make-Up Chairman

Donald Wheeler

Publicity Co-Chairman

Douglas Johnson

Programme Design

Douglas Perrin

Stage Manager

Greta Jensen

Costumes Chairman

Jean Sholds

Programme Chairman


Costumes by

Margaret Leahy

Social and Entertainment Co-Chairman

Mary Barrette

Social and Entertainment Co-Chairman

Mervyn Pettapiece

Publicity Co-Chairman

Ron Craig

Assistant Business Manager

Ronald M. Craig

House Manager

Tim Hynes

Workshop Chairman

W.E. Fancott

Scenery Director

Winifred Canty


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