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1956 - 1957

South Pacific

South Pacific is a World War II story of a Navy nurse who falls in love with a French planter many years her senior. It is also the story of a young Marine Lieutenant’s poignant attachment to a Tonkinese girl which is ruined by his inability to lose his Princeton background prejudices. Both romances are flavoured with the accents of two worlds meeting, of alien individuals thrown together in a remote part of the world against the background of war’s boredom and violence.

Dramatic Director: Bill Glenn

Musical Director: E.J. Robbins, L.G.S.M.


Betty Cowan

Bloody Mary

Bob Edgington

Commander William Harbison, U.S.N.

Charles Polowin

Pte. Sven Larsen

David Dale

Marine Cpl. Hamilton Steeves

Des Gibson

Emile de Bècque

Dorothy Gough

Ensign Bessie Noonan

Earl Crowe

Lt. Joseph Cable, U.S.M.C.

Earl Smyth

Capt. George Brackett, U.S.N.

Gordon Mersereau

Radio Operator Bob McCaffrey

Jean Wheeler

Ensign Pamela Whitmore

Jim Fermoyle

Sgt. Kenneth Johnson

Jim Harker

Pte. Victor Jerome

Jim Terrell

Luther Billis

John Clark

Seaman Tom O'Brien

Leo Morency


Lois Wright

Ensign Connie Walewska

Lynne Gorman

Ensign Nellie Forbush

Madeleine Gratton


Margaret Mitchell

Ensign Dinah Murphy

Margot Carman

Lt. Genevieve Marshall

Marilyn Arthur

Ensign Lisa Manelli

Michael Rees

Seabee Morton Wise

Norman O'Connell

Bloody Mary's Assistant

Pauline Matthews


Peter Jennings

Lt. Buzz Adams

Pierre Landy

Yeoman Herbert Quale

Russell Yapp


Shirley Shaver


Stan White


Arlene Jackson

Island Girl

Audrey Jordan

Island Girl

Joan Tanguay

Island Girl

Margaret Mahony

Island Girl

Marie O'Toole

Island Girl

Mary Allen

Island Girl

Nell Livingstone

Island Girl

Norma Coll

Island Girl

Rheina Dagenais

Island Girl

Geraldine Gray


Helen Taylor


Jean Halley


Jean Sholds


Martha Drolet


Peggy McCallum


Bob Glass

Sailors, Marines, Officers

Bob Hacock

Sailors, Marines, Officers

John McGuire

Sailors, Marines, Officers

Keith Harris

Sailors, Marines, Officers

Ronald Potvin

Sailors, Marines, Officers

Strathern Wilson

Sailors, Marines, Officers


Al Hussey

Business Manager

Christine McCulloch Allan

Prompter, Make-Up Chairman

Donald Wheeler

Publicity Chairman

Dorothy Beale

Costumes Chairman

Elizabeth Allen

Stage Manager

Jean Halley

Social and Entertainment

Jean Sholds

Programme Chairman



Mary Barrette

Social and Entertainment

Mervyn Pettapiece

Publicity Chairman

Ronald M. Craig

House Manager, Maintenance, Assistant Business Manager

Rose McCallum


Tim Hynes

Stage Crew Chairman, Workshop Chairman

W.E. Fancott

Scenery Director

Winifred Canty


South Pacific
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