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1959 - 1960

Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls has been called the quintessential Broadway musical. It sets wonderful Loesser music to Damon Runyonland, the Broadway of the 1940's inhabited by gamblers, nightclub performers, and Salvation Army members trying to cure the sins of the Times Square population. The rich plot revolves around a bet made by gambler Sky Masterson with Nathan Detroit, organizer of a floating crap game.

Sky bets Nathan that he can woo any doll Nathan chooses and take her to a romantic Havana getaway. Nathan chooses none other than straight laced Sarah Brown of the Salvation Army.

The status of the bet, the crap game, and the end of the 14-year engagement of Nathan and his girl, Adelaide, result in confusion amidst great song and dance.\

Artistic Director: Stan White

Musical Director: John Murdie

Choreographer: Bill and Arlene Dick


Anne Hyde

Street Walker

Audrey Jordan

Ladies Club Member

Barry Stewart

Nicely-Nicely Johnson

Bernard McManus

Lt. Brannigan

Betty Zimmerman

Miss Adelaide

Bill Mason

Angie the Ox, Prizefighter

Blair Pickthorne

Blind Man

Bob Taylor


Bob Welsh

New York Policeman

Brian Gordon

Little Jule

Carole Meyers

Spinster Librarian

Claire Johnston

Broadway Star, Hot Box Girl

David Battle

Big Jule

David Dale

Benny Southstreet

David Hayes

Arvide Abernathy

Debra Mirsky

Mission Band

Denis St. Jean

Scranton Slim

Derek Clark

Newsstand Attendant, Gambler

Don Duff


Doris Rogers

Paper Doll Vendor Assistant

Earl Smyth

Happy Drunk

Ed. Barrette

Tired Man

Eugene David

Liver Lips Louie

Gail Lacharity

Orcutt O'Brien, Hot Box Girl

George Anderson

Hungry Actor

Glenn Scullion


Gordon Allinghan

Cuban Dancer

Irwin Horsey

Brandy-Bottle Bates

Jacqueline LeBlanc

Street Walker, Hot Box Girl

James Harker

Rusty Charlie

Jean Halley

Mission Band

Jean Sholds

Bobbie Soxer

Jean Wheeler

Mission Band

Jim Terrell

Nathan Detroit

Jim Whitehead

Society Max

Joan Emard

Sarah Brown

Judy Gimblett

Mimi, Hot Box Girl

Kay Kirby

Eager Woman, Hot Box Girl

Ken Musgrove


Larry Malham

Harry The Horse

Len Webb

Sidewalk Photographer, Waiter

Malcolm McCallum

Sightseeing Guide

Margaret Mahony

Hungry Actress, Mission Band

Mary Allen


Mary Ellen Weber

Model, Hot Box Girl

Mary Harvey

Sightseeing Wife

Mary Hodder

Hot Box Girl

Maurice Bigras

Pickpocket, Havana Waiter

Milton Wright

Sightseeing Texan

Muriel Azmier

General Matilda B. Catwright

Nat Clavier

Joey Biltmore, Havana Waiter, Manager of Prizefighter

Nora Carpenter

Mission Band

Norma Coll

Hot Box Girl

Pam Paddon

Hot Box Girl

Pauline Matthews

Bobbie Soxer

Richard Patterson

Cuban Dancer

Ronald Craig

Camera Bug

Rose McCallum

Apple Annie

Sal Pantalone

Sky Masterson

Sheila Lavoie

Cuban Dancer

Sue Cottrell

Hot Box Girl

Tim Hynes

Paper Doll Vendor, Nick The Grick (Greek), Hot Box MC

Tom Kent



Bill Russell

Sound Effects

Carole Crumback

Programme and Design

Christine McCulloch Allan


Douglas Davidson

Mime Sequence

Douglas Hartt

Assistant Director

Jack Dacey

Stage Manager

Jean Halley

Publicity Co-Chairman

Joan Drewery

Bushel and a Peck Costume Designer

Ken Meyer

Ticket Chairman and Business Manager



Marlon Wilcox

Assistant to Mr. White (Prompt book)

Michael Rees

House Manager

Milton Wright

Scenic Art

Nancy Turner

Assistant to Mr. White (Lighting)

Orrin Clayton

Programme and Design

Penny Geldart

Scenery Director

Percy Scobie

Assistant Accompanist

Robert Knapp

Publicity Co-Chairman

Rose McCallum

Property Mistress

Ted Fancott

Scenic Art

Winifred Canty


Guys and Dolls
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