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1960 - 1961

Li'l Abner

Li'l Abner is the clever musical theatre adaptation of one of the world's most beloved daily comic strips. The title may seem quite foreign to anyone born after 1970, mainly because the strip hasn't run in most newspapers since then.

Due to the popularity of Al Capp's wonderful array of characters, though, not only did the world see the birth of a great musical comedy, but this same show was made into a successful Hollywood movie and, years later, most of the characters in the popular television situation comedy The Beverly Hillbillies were faithfully based on the personalities created by Al Capp.

The story unfolds during the late 1950's in the mythical town of Dogpatch, U.S.A. Almost the entire town is unemployed. The men spend their days fishing while the single ladies scheme about how to catch their men come next Sadie Hawkins Day.

Things are rolling along quite smoothly when, thanks to the "feds", their little town is suddenly deemed the most unnecessary place on the face of the map and is chosen as the site for atomic bomb testing. Unless they can prove themselves worthy, they have 48 hours to evacuate their homes.

Mammy Yokum almost saves the day with her wonder drug, Yokumberry Tonic, but what finally gets them off the hook is the plaque they find in the town square, signed by Abraham Lincoln and declaring their monument in honour of their local hero, Jubilation T. Cornpone, a national shrine.

Dramatic Director: Roy Hayden-Hinsley

Musical Director: John Murdie

Choreographer: Judy Hayes


Barry Stewart

Marryin' Sam

Bill Lawlor

Cronie, Secretary, Chorus

Bill Mason

Hairless Joe

Bill Patten

The Scraggs, Scientist, Chorus

Carole Hamm

Mammy Yokum

Christine Weber

Stupefyin' Jones

Claudette Boivin

Daisy Mae

Dan David


David Dale

Evil Eye Fleagle, Cronie

David Hayes

Earthquake McGoon

Don Shaw

Available Jones, State Dep't Man, Radio Commentator

Douglas Eggins

Government Man

Earl Smythe

Mayor Dawgmeat

Earle Hanratty

Butler, Chorus

Glen Kealey

Dr. Finsdale

Gordon Mersereau

The Scraggs, Chorus

Irwin Horsey

Li'l Abner

Jacques Simard

Lonesome Polecat

John Fish

General Bullmoose

Kyle Graham

Cronie, Secretary, Society Husband, Chorus

Lowell Green

Rufe, Chorus

Maureen Ward

Appassionata Von Climax

Nanci Parker

Moonbeam McSwine

Robert Lutes

Pappy Yokum

Tim Hynes

The Scraggs, Chorus

Tom Dunleavy

Senator Fhogbound

Ann Jensen


Beverley Bourguignon


Bob Simpson

Guinea Pig Husband

Brian Gordon

Chorus. Dancer

Carole Meyers

Wife, Chorus

Connie Campbell


Donna Emmons


Dorothy Gough


Doug Daigneault

Guinea Pig Husband

Gay Weir


George Tremblay


Gordie Cooper


Irene Michalski


Isabel Amey


Jean Halley

Wife, Chorus

Jean Kell


Jim Harker


John McGuire

Society Husband

Keith Harris

Scientist, Chorus

Keith Marris


Lois Culpan

Wife, Chorus

Lou Bruce

Guinea Pig Husband

Manford Colbran

Chorus, Dancer

Marilyn Fassold

Wife, Chorus

Mary Harvey


Mary Weber

Wife, Chorus

Maureen Finlay


Nora Carpenter


Pat Leslie


Peggy Mersereau

Wife, Chorus

Richard Patterson


Ron Craig

Society Husband

Ron Tanguay


Roy Hayden-Hinsley


Russ Jackson

Guinea Pig Husband

Sheila Doig


Ted Robbins

Guinea Pig Husband

Ted Smale

Guinea Pig Husband

Toni Layton



Annette Peters

Hair Styling

Audrey Smith


Doug Fraser

Sound Effects

Jack Dacey

Stage Manager

John McGuire

House Manager

Ken Meyer

Business Manager

Mike Scott

Assistant House Manager

Milt Wright

Set Designer, Costume Designer

Nancy Turner

Lighting Designer

Percy Scobie

Assistant Accompanist

Roberta Hayden-Hinsley

Assistant to Dramatic Director

Roy Sylvester


Winifred Canty


Li'l Abner
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