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1967 - 1968

Funny Girl

Funny Girl is a generally faithful re-telling of parts of the career of Fanny Brice who was born in New York City in 1891 and was, for 25 years, one of the brightest comedians of the American musical theatre.  The story of Fanny Brice's won't-take-no-for-an-answer battle to bash her way into a burlesque chorus line and then to catch star-maker Florenz Ziegfield by the ear isn't really much different from any other major performer's successful assault on Broadway, but Isobel Lennart's understanding libretto and the tuneful Jule Styne-Bob Merrill score make it different.

The musical is also intent on telling the story of how Fanny loved and lost Nicky Arnstein.  It is most fun, however, when it is revelling in Fanny's preoccupation with show business. Bursting with energy and eagerness to improve her routines, Fanny is an impudent dancing doll who refuses to run down, and when imagining herself in a radiant future in "I'm the Greatest Star", she is not only Fanny Brice but all young performers believing in their destiny.  And then there are the two production numbers which recall the Ziegfeld theatre of the early 1900's - one an opulent salute to American beauties decked out in bridal gowns and diaphanous little nothings, the other a World War I extravaganza with dough boys and dough girls tapping out a rousing "Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat" - which are rare nostalgic treats.

Director: Joseph L. Shaver

Musical Director: Berthold Carriere

Choreographer: Richard Jones


Bill Steen

Ticket Seller

Bob Cooper


Bob Munson

Mr. Renaldi, Workman

Brian Morin

Snub Taylor, Workman

Dario Echeverri


Denise Smith

Bubbles, Keeney Dancer

Dillon O'Connor

Ziegfield Tenor

Ed Kyle

Eddie Ryan

Elsa Pickthorne

Mrs. Brice

Appears through the courtesy of Actor's Equity Association

Gabrielle Lacroix


Geoffrey D'Alberti

Florenz Ziegfeld, Jr.

Gerry Morris

Tom Keeney

Isabel Amey

Mrs. O'Malley

Jack Wallace


Jean Halley

Mrs. Strakosh

Jean Wheeler

Mrs. Meeker

Jenny Crawley

Maude, Keeney Dancer

Jim Kerr

Actor, Keeney Dancer

Joy Phillips

Mrs. Nadler

Judith Hallett

Polly, Keeney Dancer

Judy Cairncross


Ken Phillips


Len Morin

Five Finger Finney

Les Bonhower

Mr. Strakosh

Linda Ingram

Joan, Ziegfield Dancer

Mary Davern

Mrs. Vance

Mary Frances

Fanny Brice

Pam Payant


Ray Case

Ziegfield Lead Dancer

Ruth Bennet

Mrs. Winston

Sal Pantalone

Nick Arnstein

Sheila Usher


Shirley Stewart


Vern Fraser

Paul, Workman

Wally Chopowick

Trombone Smitty

Wally Winges


Annabelle McCarthy

Ziegfield Dancer

Elaine Cable

Ziegfield Show Girl

Gloria Irvine

Keeney Dancer

Jill Welland

Ziegfield Dancer

Julia Hobbs

Ziegfield Dancer

June Wood

Ziegfield Show Girl

Nancy Shaver

Ziegfield Show Girl

Patzi Davidson

Ziegfield Show Girl

Ron Henry

Keeney Dancer

Sheira Nault

Ziegfield Show Girl

Vessie de Szeghio-Foytenyi

Ziegfield Show Girl

Linda Murdock

Friend, Neigbour

Marcel Carrière

Friend, Neigbour

Marlaine Muldoon

Friend, Neigbour

Muriel Howie

Friend, Neigbour

Pat Fraser

Friend, Neigbour

Ruth Harron

Friend, Neigbour

Sally Lees

Friend, Neigbour

Tony Trottier

Friend, Neigbour


Ann Goetz

Set Designer

Bill Warne

House Manager

Brian Morin


Dave Cochrane


Dorothy Gough

Assistant to the Director

Ernest Lindsay


Faye Lavell

Ticket Manager

Gil Wright


Jean Pascal

Make-Up Designer

John C. Findlay


Kenneth L. Meyer

Programme Chairman

Lorna Rice


Margaret Mahony

Assistant to the Producer

Marion Lemmon


Marylin Day

Script Assistant

Murray Smith

Stage Manager

Nancy Turner

Lighting Designer, Publicity

Norma Coll

Costume Designer

Norman Osborne

Production Co-ordinator

Rod Holmes

Programme Cover

Sheb Wooley


Terry Moran

Workshop Chairman

Virginia Day

Assistant Stage Manager

Funny Girl
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