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1986 - 1987

The King and I

Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The King and I is a moving, radiant story of East meets West. It is the early 1860s when newly widowed Anna Leonowens and her son, Louis, set sail from their native England for Bangkok, Siam (now Thailand). Anna, still grieving, has set her sights on a new adventure and taken a position as the schoolteacher for the royal offspring of the King of Siam.

The King is determined to usher Siam into the modern world, and he thinks Western education can be a part of that – yet, Anna is horrified at first by many of the traditions that he holds dear. Anna and the King struggle to find common ground. The King is largely considered to be a barbarian by rulers of the West, and he takes Anna on as an advisor, asking her to help change his image – if not his actual practice. With both keeping a firm grip on their respective traditions and values, Anna and the King teach each other about understanding, respect, and love that can transcend the greatest of differences. Beneath the fraught, fiercely opinionated, conflict-ridden surface of Anna and the King’s relationship lies one of the most unique love stories in the musical theatre canon.

Artistic Directors: J.A. Wallace and Sheila Shields

Musical Director: Rod Holmes

Choreographer: Debbie Miller-Smith


Adrian Proszowski

Prince Chululongkorn

Allison Woyiwada

Lady Thiang

Anabela Vieira

Royal Wife

Andrea Phillips

Royal Dancer "Little Topsy"

Audrey Saparno

Royal Child, Royal Dancer "Simon's Dog"

Brian Slack

Member of the Royal Household

Carmay Wong

Princess Yaowiak, Royal Child

Carole Quirk


Catherine-Elizabeth Côté

Royal Wife

Chris Amott

Royal Dancer "Simon of Legree"

Christine Drew

Royal Wife

Dan Baran

The King

Deborah Thompson

Royal Wife, Royal Dancer "Little Eva"

Diane Coulterman


Dianna Renee Yorke

Anna Leonowens

Elaine Bolduc

Royal Wife

Gary King

Captain Orton

Gina Webster

Royal Child

Ha Nguyen

Royal Child

Hang Nguyen

Royal Child

Helen Van der Pyl


Hien Nguyen

Royal Child

Jennifer Charron

Royal Dancer "Simon's Guard"

Jennifer Rayner

Royal Wife

Jim Robertson

Phra Alack

John Inca Anderson

Royal Child

Joshua Lovejoy

Louis Leonowens

Joyce Wagland

Royal Wife

Judi Cragg

Royal Wife

Judy Vachon

Royal Wife

Karen Riopelle

Royal Dancer "Eliza"

Laurie Young

Royal Child, Royal Dancer "Simon's Dog"

Lori Webster

Royal Child

Lorna Hazen

Royal Dancer "Simon's Guard"

Luke La Rue

Royal Dancer "Angel/George"

Margo Nightingale

Royal Dancer "Simon's Guard"

Maria Mespolet

Royal Child

Melodie MacDonald


Michael Sharma

Royal Child

Michele Tardif


Nancy Egan

Royal Dancer "Uncle Thomas"

Pat Egan

Member of the Royal Household

Robin Monaghan

Royal Wife

Sam Smith

Sir Edward Ramsay

Sharron McGuirl

Royal Wife

Sheila Wang

Royal Child, Royal Dancer "Buddha"

Stephanie Douglas

Royal Dancer "Simon's Guard"

Stewart Bain

The Kralahome

Susan Wray

Royal Wife

Trevor Houle

Lun Tha


Art Whitehead

House Manager (Orpheus)

Bev Whitehead

Social Director

Bill Butterworth

Sound and Sound Effects

Billi Langtry

Make-up Artist

Caroline Heaton

Head Flyman

Cher Daly

Hair Stylist

Don Lambton

Stage Manager

Don Palmer

House Manager (Commerce)

Faye Lavell

Assistant Stage Manager

Frank Burke

Sound and Sound Effects

Gerry Austin

Lighting Designer

John Solman

Master Carpenter

Joyce Landry

Assistant to the Musical Director

Lorna Rice


Malvary Cole

Production Coordinator, Props Mistress

Margaret Comeau

Programme Director

Nancy Solman

Set Designer

Norma Coll

Costume Designer

Sam Smith

Production Photographer

Tom Shields

Workshop Chairman

Wayne Nolan

Assistant to the Directors/Publicity Director

The King and I
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