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1988 - 1989


Chicago is a story of murder, greed, corruption, violence, exploitation, adultery, and treachery-all those things we hold near and dear to our heart. It is jurisprudence-as-show-business and trial-by-publicity. It is a tale of the sensational murderess Velma Kelly, the reigning queen of the Cook County jail, and Roxie Hart, the newest of the merry murderesses, who, of course, haven't really committed any crime (their men had it coming).

Velma won't give Roxie the time of day, so she turns to the jailhouse matron for advice. For a small bribe, the matron tips Roxie to Billy Flynn, the legal Mr. Fix-it, who knows everything about women, juries, and how to weave sympathy into the press conferences he holds for his clients. As her mouthpiece (using her as a ventriloquist's dummy), Billy pulls the strings that make Roxie the new queen of the self-defense killers.

Since no woman has been hanged in Cook County in 47 years, it seems only a short time until she can parlay all the publicity into vaudeville stardom. Roxie has bumped Velma off the front pages, stolen her lawyer, even her court date. Now, Velma tries to persuade Roxie to do a sister act.

Remembering her treatment earlier, Roxie returns the cold shoulder. Roxie is a star, a single, until Go-to-Hell Kitty, the most sensuous murderess yet, comes on the scene. Roxie, realizing she could quickly lose all she has gained, faints and announces that she is going to have a baby. Refusing to go along with the courthouse charade, an innocent girl is found guilty and hanged-breaking the 47 year tradition. Velma and Roxie both panic and plead with Billy to get their cases over with in a hurry.

They are found innocent, of course, but at the moment of Roxie's triumph another woman shoots up the courthouse and steals all the headlines. Roxie and Velma shrug as if to say That's show biz and decide to salvage as much publicity as they can by doing the sister act-and all that jazz!

Director: Richard Elichuk

Musical Director: Drummond Hudson

Choreographer: Debbie Miller-Smith


Alvin Baldwin

Billy Flynn

Barbara Seabright-Moore

Velma Kelly

Barry Daley

Sergeant Fogarty

Brad Burgess


Carole Billingham


Cindy Harrison


Craig Rowe


appears courtesy of British Equity

Darin G. Hill

Fred Casely

Debbie Guilbeault

Velma's Sister, Girl

Diane Coulterman


Eugene Oscapella


Gary King

Martin Harrison

Jim Robertson

Amos Hart

Kevin Kelly

Court Clerk

Mark Morton

The Narrator

Maureen Quinn McGovern

Roxie Hart


Mary Sunshine

Melanie Hudson


Michael Gareau


Nancy Egan


Sheila Shields

Matron "Mama" Morton

Stephanie Coward

Go-to-Hell Kitty

Val Keenleyside


Wayne Nolan



Art Whitehead

House Manager (Orpheus)

Barbara Seeton

Make-up Artist

Bill Butterworth

Sound Technician

Bill Williams

House Manager (Commerce)

Billi Langtry

Assistant Production Coordinator

Cathy Rowe

Hungarian Consultant

Craig Rowe

Dance Assistant

Faye Lavell

Assistant to the Director

Gerry Austin

Lighting Designer

Gerry Reynolds

Stage Manager

Judith Froome

Costume Designer

Lorna Rice


Malvary J. Cole

Production Coordinator

Marlene Field

Assistant to the Musical Director

Nancy Egan

Dance Assistant

Pam Reynolds

Properties Mistress, Production Photographer

Robbie Lynn Judd

Set Designer and Scenic Artist

Sam Smith


Tom Mordasewicz

Master Carpenter, Assistant Stage Manager

Tom Shields

Workshop Chairman, Pinrail

Walter Young


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