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2002 - 2003


Ellis Island, 1910: boatloads of immigrants land in America, awestruck by the sights and sounds.  But lurking around every corner are those who would take advantage of the immigrants by hiring them to work under horrible conditions for low wages.  Among the newcomers are Rebecca Hershkowitz and her son David.

Six years ago, Rebecca's husband Nathan preceded them to America but he has not come to meet them at the boat.  Mother and child are about to be sent back when two strangers, Bella and her father Avram, also immigrants, overhear Rebecca's plight and pretend to be her kinfolk.  Rebecca places a newspaper ad to locate Nathan.  In the meantime, she and David stay with Bella and Avram.

Rebecca is hired to sew at Bronstein's shop.  She meets Saul, who is trying to unionize workers against Bronstein for better pay.  Rebecca and Saul are attracted to each other but Rebecca resists her feelings.  Meanwhile, Bella hopes to marry the industrious Ben but her father disapproves.  Avram also refuses to allow Bella to work in a shop.  Against his wishes, Rebecca secures Bella a job in a shirt factory.

Nathan is finally reunited with his family, but they find him greatly changed.  He's involved with the political corruption at Tammany Hall.  As the announcement is being made about whether Nathan will get a coveted political job, news arrives about a fire in the factory where Bella works.  Rebecca flees to her friend ... is Bella safe?

Later, back at Bronstein's, Rebecca demands better wages.  She leads her co-workers in a public protest.  Nathan warns his wife that anti-union thugs will quash the uprising.  He gives her an ultimatum: abandon her cause or lose him!  Seeing Nathan's true colours, Rebecca and David are ready to pursue their dreams without him.

Artistic Director: Michael Gareau

Musical Director: Brian Boggs

Choreographer, Assistant to the Artistic Director: Valerie Keenleyside


Anabela Johnson

Ophelia, Ensemble

Bob Lackey

Avram Cohen, Ensemble

Cheryl Sheffer

Mrs. Sullivan, Ensemble

David Paterson

Newspaper Editor, Hamlet, Ensemble

Doug Thicke

Klezmer Leader, Ensemble

Eugene Oscapella

Nathan Hershkowitz, Ensemble

Frank Duern

Homesick Immigrant, Ben Levitowitz, Ensemble

Gabe Leury

Ellis Island Immigration Guard, Ensemble

Howard Kaplan

Bronstein, Ensemble

Joyce Landry

Nathan's Landlady, Morris' Mother, Ensemble

Kim Current

Irish Tenor, Ensemble

Larry Tarof

Shiva Cantor, Ensemble

Lesley Osborn

Rachel, Ensemble

Meredith Matthews

Rebecca Hershkowitz, Ensemble

Appears by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association

Michael Gauthier

Morris, Ensemble

Michael Schilder

Big Tim Sullivan, Ensemble

Nathan Haller

David Hershkowitz, Ensemble

Patrick Donahue

Ellis Island Immigration Guard, Italian Tenor, Ensemble

Robin Guy

Bella Cohen, Ensemble

Sue McGahey

Rosa, Ensemble

Tony Keenleyside

Saul, Ensemble

Alessia Lupiano


Ben Durocher


Betty Ann Bryanton


Christine Muggeridge


Debbie Kaplan


Diana-Lynn Dalton


Gordon Guest


Kelly Schinzel


Maureen Speer


Meredith Dixon


Samantha Read


Sharye Marcus


Stephen Lenser


Tom Huet



Anne McGuire

Properties Designer

Annie Lefebvre

Apprentice Makeup Designer

Bill Rankin

Production Coordinator

Carole Quirk

Wardrobe Mistress

Christy Bindhardt

Set Designer

Cindy Sceviour

Sound Designer

David Magladry

Lighting Designer

Elaine McCausland

Technical Director

Jana Jaros

Scenic Artist

John McGovern


Judy Froome

Costume Designer

Kathleen Arbour

Production Assistant

Lena Triebe

Stage Manager

Lindsay Hill

Assistant Stage Manager

Monique Desrosiers

Apprentice Hair Designer

Peter Wilson

Master Carpenter

Rory Ingram

Assistant Stage Manager

Sandi Mish

Costume Production Manager

Sue Dacey

Makeup Designer, Hair Designer

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