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2005 - 2006

West Side Story

The play is set in New York City.  The two rival gangs are fighting for turf: the American gang, the Jets, led by Riff, and the Puerto Rican gang, the Sharks, led by Bernardo.

The show opens with the two gangs fighting until it is broken up by the arrival of Krupke, a flat-foot beat cop and Shrank, an ill-tempered, bigoted detective.  After the cops leave, the Jets decide the only way to solve the turf problem is to challenge the Sharks to a rumble.  Riff decides to challenge Bernardo that night at the dance at the gym.

Riff enlists the aid of his best friend, Tony.  Tony, although a founder of the gang, has found the Jets activities no longer interest him, but agrees to come to the dance and help out the gang.

At the dance, the Jets and Sharks are competing again, only this time it is with wild dance steps.  Tony spots a fresh, beautiful girl, whom he dances with.  It is only when Bernardo angrily separates them that he realizes he has been dancing with Maria, Bernardo's sister.

Later that night, Tony secretly visits Maria and they pledge their love for each other in spite of their belonging to rival gangs.

Meanwhile, at Doc's Drugstore, the gangs meet, and time and place for the rumble is set.  Tony arrives late but manages to change the rumble from a pitched battle to a two-man fist fight.

The next day, Tony bounds into the Bridal Shop where Maria works with Bernardo's girlfriend, Anita.  Anita is let in on the lovers' secret and agrees not to tell Bernardo.

The rumble is about to begin, but Tony arrives and tries to reconcile the two factions.  But Bernardo insults him and Riff leaps forward to defend his friend.  Suddenly, knives appear and Riff is killed by Bernardo  Tony grabs Riff's blade and slays Bernardo.

Tony flees to tell Maria.  She finds she cannot hate Tony, saying "It's not us.  It's everything around us."

When Anita realizes Maria has forgiven Tony, she is furious with her.  Shrank arrives suddenly and begins to question Maria.  Anita, forgiving Maria, agrees to go to the Drugstore to tell Tony Maria will be delayed.

At the Drugstore, Anita is mauled by the Jets before she can even see Tony.  In a rage, she tells them Chino found out about the lovers - and shot Maria.  Doc relays this to Tony who then walks numbly into the streets screaming for Chino to come and get him too.

He sees a figure in the dark: Maria.  Just as the lovers reach each other, Tony is shot by Chino...

Artistic Director: Laura Duncan

Musical Director: Brian Boggs

Choreographer: Linda Fournier


Andrew Wiseman

Action (Jets)

Ben Nowell

Tony (Jets)

Brandon Postuma

Diesel (Jets)

Charles Russell

Snowboy (Jets)

Jeffery Burge

Baby John (Jets)

Joel (J.T.) Morris

A-Rab (Jets)

Jonathan Harris

Big Deal (Jets)

Jordan Hancey

Riff (Jets)

Aidan Dewhirst

Indio (Sharks)

Bara Rek-El-Bakhour

Toro (Sharks)

Brandon Coons

Juano (Sharks)

Cory Sincennes

Luis (Sharks)

Ed Librada

Bernardo (Sharks)

Jay Landreville

Anxious (Sharks)

Philip Sockett

Chino (Sharks)

Sylvain Roussel

Pepe (Sharks)

Alessia Lupiano

Anybodys (Jet girls)

Alison Boudreau

Minnie (Jet girls)

Brenda Solman

Velma (Jet girls)

Christa Cullain

Pauline (Jet girls)

Jodi Robertson

Graziella (Jet girls)

Kaitlynn Martin

Clarice (Jet girls)

Alexis Fakouri

Rosalia (Shark girls)

Caroline Stevens

Margarita (Shark girls)

Maria Mespolet

Teresita (Shark girls)

Roxane Delisle

Anita (Shark girls)

Samantha Lee Biron

Francisca (Shark girls)

Sarite Harris

Estella (Shark girls)

Shawna Morgan

Maria (Shark girls)

Tanya Knight

Consuela (Shark girls)

Al Baldwin

Lt. Schrank

Jim Morrison

Glad Hand

Jim Robertson


Tim Hillock

Srgt. Krupke


Cheryl Sheffer

Wardrobe Mistress

Christine Drew

Scenic Artist

Guylaine Roy

Costume Designer

John Briggs

Production Assistant

John Cybanski

Sound Designer

John McGovern


John Solman

Technical Director

Karole Kidd-Witiuk

Costume Production Manager

Lorelei Miller

Props Designer

Michael Schilder

Assistant Stage Manager

Mélanie Bélanger

Hair Designer

Peter Wilson

Master Carpenter

Rob Puchyr

Lighting Designer

Rory Ingram

Stage Manager

Sandi Mish


Taigan Penny

Assistant Stage Manager

Tracey Lahey

Make-up Designer

Tricia Baldwin

Set Designer

Walt Conrad

Production Coordinator

West Side Story
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