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2007 - 2008

A Christmas Carol, The Musical

Ever since the Christmas Eve seven years before when Ebenezer Scrooge buried his long-time friend and business partner Jacob Marley, Scrooge's melancholy had settled into an angry bitterness toward the holidays and caused him to behave with animosity towards all his fellow men. His loyal but meek clerk, Bob Cratchit, was the constant target of his cruelty. Even Scrooge's nephew was unable to inspire in his uncle any holiday sentiment warmer than “Bah! Humbug!”. But this Christmas Eve proves startlingly different because Ebenezer receives some unexpected company. The ghost of his old partner Marley appears to warn him of the consequences of the suffering his is unwittingly causing to both himself and to others. Marley extends to Scrooge an invitation to change his ways.

The invitation comes by way of visits from three spirits. First, the Ghost of Christmas Past appears to show Scrooge errors he made in his youth and remind him of his lost true love, Emily. Next, the Ghost of Christmas Present invites the miserly old man to witness the Cratchit family's Christmas. Even though their youngest son Tiny Tim is crippled and ailing, the Cratchits are blessed, happy, and grateful for all they have. Scrooge's last visitor is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Be who leads him through a vision of his bleak future, including a scene of his own death where he is mourned by “nary a soul.” Pleading with the spirit to grant him another chance, the penitent Scrooge promises to alter his future and to know Christmas in his heart all year round.

Artistic Director: Michael Gareau

Musical DIrector: Marlene Hudson

Choreographer & Apprentice Artistic Director: Debbie Millett


Alex Campbell

The Judge

Alyssa Radulescu

Grace Smythe

Bob Lackey

Ebenezer Scrooge

Christine Drew

Mrs. Mops, Scrooge's Housekeeper

Claude Haché

Scrooge's Father

Emma Deeks

Martha Cratchit

Eva Suska

Belinda Cratchit

Graeme Nommik

Tiny Tim Cratchit

Ioan Harea

Charlie, The Fiddler

Jim Robertson

Mr. Fezziwig

Jim Tanner

Mr. Hawkins, Old Joe, the Rag and Bones Man

Jonathan Harris

Bob Cratchit

Joyce Landry

Mrs. Fezziwig

Juliana McLaren

Fan at 10, Want

Keenan Viau

Marley at 18

Ken Tucker

The Ghost of Christmas Present, The Sandwich Board Man

Kyle Curry

Scrooge at 10, Ignorance

Maria Mespolet

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Be, The Blind Old Hag

Mario Robert

Fred Anderson, Scrooge's Nephew

Maureen Speer

The Poulterer

Miles Kempffer-Hossack

Jonathon, a Street Urchin

Monique DesRosiers

The Fishmonger

Monique Diab

Mrs. Cratchit

Monique Haché

Scrooge's Mother

Natasha Harwood

Sally Anderson, Fred's Wife

Nathan Haller

Scrooge at 18

Nicola Adams


Patrick Donahue

Mr. Smythe

Rachel Schenk

Fan his sister at 8

Robin Guy

The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Lamplighter

Ryan Sincennes

Scrooge at 12

Réjean Dinelle-Mayer

The Ghost of Jacob Marley

Tim Hillock

The Beadle

Alex Campbell

The Charity Trio

Claude Haché

The Charity Trio

Mark Muench

The Charity Trio

Chloë Séguin


Linda Webster


Shannon Walker


Sharye Marcus


James Hunter


Joel Curry


Laura D'Amico


Michael David


Suzanne Cnoop-Koopmans


Bret Newton

The London Town Carolers

Christine Drew

The London Town Carolers

Corey Tomicic

The London Town Carolers

Judy Follet-Johns

The London Town Carolers

Marisa Bettino

The London Town Carolers

Nancy McCaughan

The London Town Carolers

Nicola Adams

The London Town Carolers

Pino Dicorato

The London Town Carolers

Shannon Walker

The London Town Carolers

Sharye Marcus

The London Town Carolers


Carmella Wilson

Wardrobe Mistress

Carol Chamberlain

Stage Manager

Charles Russell

Technical Director

Chris Amott

Lighting Designer

Drummond Hudson

Production Coordinator

Jennifer Donnelly

Set Designer

John Cybanski

Sound Designer

John McGovern


Judy Froome

Costume Designer

Karole Kidd-Witiuk


Kerry Price

Make-up & Hair Designer

Lena Triebe

Executive Producer

Linda Ablack

Scenic Artist

Morris Rothman

Assistant Stage Manager

Patti Mordasewicz

Props Designer

Paul Legault

Apprentice Musical Director

Ruth Haller

Production Assistant

Sam Smith

Properties Carpenter

Sandi Mish

Costume Coordinator

Terra Seasons

Assistant Stage Manager

Tom Mordasewicz

Master Carpenter

A Christmas Carol, The Musical
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