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2008 - 2009

Fame, The Musical

In 1980, a group of vibrant, energetic young people, African-American, White, Hispanic, rich and poor alike, converge on New York City's West 46th Street to audition for the last class of the famous New York High School of Performing Arts (P.A.) before it closes.  Praying they make "P.A." has become their mantra and as the students tear open their letters from the school, they learn of their acceptance and a joyous dance of celebration ensues.

Fame, The Musical is a bittersweet but ultimately inspiring story of a diverse group of students as they commit to four years of gruelling artistic and academic work.  With candour, humour and insight, the show explores the issues that confront many young people today: issues of prejudice, identity, self-worth, literacy, sexuality, substance abuse and perseverance.

This show will take you through the highs, lows, friendships, romances and the sheer hard work that becomes daily life for the star-struck pupils in their quest for success.  Not everyone makes it, but the triumphant students perform a spine-tingling finale that has prompted standing ovations around the world and our show will be no exception.

Director: Judy Follett-Johns

Musical Director: Drum Hudson

Choreographer: Nick Nasrallah


Andréa Black

Carmen Diaz

Barb Seabright-Moore

Ms. Greta Bell

Carmella Wilson

Mabel Washington

Christyane Wall

Grace “Lambchops” Lamb

D.J. Eyamie

Joe (José) Vegas

Appeared by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association.

Greg Delmage

Schlomo Metzenbaum

Jacquelin Blakey

Iris Kelly

Jim Tanner

Mr. Sheinkopf

Lesley Osborn

Miss Esther Sherman

Lucy Bamforth

Serena Katz

Max David

Goodman “Goody” King

Michael Lobsinger

Nick Piazza

Sami Botros

Tyrone Jackson

Tim Oberholzer

Mr. Myers

Cari Leslie


Chad McNamara


Appeared by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association.

Charlotte Hayes


Corey Tomicic


Emily Reid


Gabrielle Legault


Hayley Swanton


Jeffrey Burge


Katie Ciavaglia


Kristy Allen


Lauren McGee


Rachael Ostroff


Scott Labonte


Claude Haché

Pit Chorus

Eugene Oscapella

Pit Chorus

Gabe Leury

Pit Chorus

Heather Walsh

Pit Chorus

Marty Black

Pit Chorus

Maureen Brannan

Pit Chorus

Micha Barriault

Pit Chorus

Monique Cyr-Haché

Pit Chorus


Allison Hamilton

Costume Designer

Bonnie Bowie

Dance Captain

Brian Boggs


Charles Russell

Technical Director

Gabe Leury

Production Assistant

Janet Quirt

Wardrobe Mistress

John Cybanski

Sound Designer

John Solman

Lighting Designer

Kerry Price

Make-up Designer, Hair Designer

Murray Doggett

Apprentice Musical Director

Nancy Solman

Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Peter Wilson

Co-Master Carpenter

Rob Puchyr

Properties Designer

Rory Ingram

Stage Manager

Ruth Kwan


Sandi Mish

Costume Production Manager

Tom Mordasewicz

Co-Master Carpenter

Fame, The Musical
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