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2008 - 2009

The Full Monty

Based on the book by Terance McNally, The Full Monty is a story of six unemployed steel workers.  With the industry in decline and the steelworks closed down, there is widespread unemployment and despair.  The men are miserable, have no money and even less in the way of prospects.  But when they catch their wives going crazy over some professional male dancers, they get inspired: Why not make some quick cash showing off their "real man" bodies by becoming a team of male strippers?  The men decide to give it a go, but realize they can't dance and aren't what most would call good physical specimens.  To make matters worse, and to drum up further interest in their scheme, they boast they'll go "the full monty" - something they hadn't planned on and aren't sure they can deliver.  It's too late now.  They're committed to performing so they continue practising for the big night.

Will they?  Won't they?  Can they keep their antics from their families?  Can they stay out of trouble?  Can they pull in a good crowd?

As the guys prepare for the show, they discover that the strength in camaraderie goes a long way toward building confidence and overcoming fear.  Stay tuned ... all will be revealed .. well, maybe!

Artistic Director: Debbie Millett

Musical Director: Paul Legault

Choreographer: Linda Fournier-Brown


Anneke Cundasawmy

Estelle Genovese

Brady Millett

Nathan Lukowski

Bryan Jesmer

Malcolm MacGregor, Hot Metal

Charles Russell


Christa Cullain

Pam Lukowski

Cindy Beaton

Vicki Nichols

Debbie Murphy

Jeanette Burmeister

Derek Eyamie

Jerry Lukowski, Hot Metal

Appearing by permission of Canadian Actors' Equity Association

Gordon Guest

Gary Bonasorte

J Taylor Morris

Ethan Girard, Hot Metal

Jim Tanner

Reg Willoughby

Katherine Minty

Susan Hershey

Katie Ciavaglia

Woman of Buffalo

Linda Webster

Molly MacGregor, Woman of Buffalo

Mark Merredew

Man From the Mill

Michael Schilder

Tony Giordano, understudy for Horse

Murray Doggett

Man From the Mill

Nicole Milne

Georgie Bukatinsky

Pino Dicorato

Buddy (Keno) Walsh

Rebecca Lantos

Woman of Buffalo

Rebecca Warden

Woman of Buffalo

Rob Henderson

Harold Nichols, Hot Metal

Ryan Gibson

Man From the Mill

Sean Brennan

Teddy Slaughter

Shaun Toohey

Dave Bukatinsky, Hot Metal

Shawna McSheffrey

Joanie Lish

Stefan Keyes

Noah (Horse) T. Simmons, Hot Metal

Tim Oberholzer

Man From the Mill


Ann Ricard

Costume Designer

David Magladry

Lighting Designer

Gabe Leury

Co-Production Assistant

Heidi Mitton

Co-Production Assistant

Jennifer Donnelly

Set Designer

John Cybanski

Sound Designer

John McGovern


Joy Forbes

Wardrobe Mistress

Kerry Price

Make-up Designer, Hair Designer

Lena Triebe

Stage Manager

Lisa Hopkins


Lucille Warren

Assistant to the Choreographer

Robin Riddihough

Scenic Artist

Steve Jones

Master Carpenter, Technical Director

Susan Cole

Costume Production Manager

Teresa Seasons

Properties Designer

The Full Monty
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