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2009 - 2010

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

At the top of the show, in 1840 St. Petersburg, Missouri, fourteen-year-old Tom Sawyer fishes one morning.  His friends join him for a quick game before school.  Later, Tom tricks the schoolmaster into letting the students have the day off. When Aunt Polly finds out about the prank, she orders Tom to whitewash the fence in front of their house as punishment.  Tom plans to run away but instead he meets the beautiful new girl in town, Becky Thatcher, and there are immediate sparks.

Tom's best friend, Huckleberry Finn, says that painting the fence looks like fun which gives Tom an idea.  Ever the schemer, Tom tricks his friends into painting the fence for him.

That night, Tom and Huck visit the local graveyard and they witness Injun Joe, a local troublemaker, fighting with Doc Robinson.  When the fight escalates to murder, the boys run away and swear in blood to keep forever quiet about what they saw.  An innocent vagrant is blamed for the murder and arrested.  In desperation, he pleads with Injun Joe to save him from hanging.  Joe agrees to help, but wants a map leading to a treasure in exchange.  At the trial, Tom stands up and tells the truth about who committed the murder.  Pandemonium ensues.

To the children's delight, school ends for the summer.  Tom learns that after weeks of secret tutoring by Widow Douglas, Huck has finally learned how to read.  During the annual town picnic festivities, a group decides to explore McDougal's Cave.  At that moment, Injun Joe arrives - with a plan - to go into the cave to find Murrell's gold.

Unexpectedly, Tom and Becky lose their way in the cave and a frantic search begins.  Unforeseen complications arise when Injun Joe discovers them.  Thankfully, they eventually escape from the cave, safe and sound.

Back in St. Petersburg, the children are presumed lost.  Tom, Huck, and Becky limp into town and realize that they're watching their own funeral!  When the children are discovered, very much alive, the entire town goes wild with happiness and celebrates.

Artistic Director: Bob Lackey

Musical Director: John McGovern

Choreographer: Bonnie Bowie


Alyssa Radulescu

Suzie Rogers

Barbara Seabright-Moore

Widow Douglas

Brian Mitchell

Muff Potter

Bryan Léger

Doc Robinson, Wain

Christine Moran

Aunt Polly

Drake Evans

Tom Sawyer

Emily Hay

Amy Lawrence

Griffin Taylor

Sidney Sawyer

Jasmine Lee

Sabina Temple, Spirit of Light

Jim Morrison

Lanyard Bellamy

Jim Robertson

Lemuel Dobbins

John Collins

Injun Joe

John-Alan Slachta

Ben Rogers

Joseph Silva-Stone

Judge Josiah Thatcher

Lawrence Mahusky

Reverend Joshua Sprague

Mark Muench

Sheriff, Pap

Mary-Bernadette Belanger

Lucy Harper

Rosemarie Michel

Becky Thatcher

Victor Pokinko

Huckleberry Finn

Ben Blacklock

Boy of St. Petersburg

Ben McLellan-Campbell

Boy of St. Petersburg

Chrystelle Thibault Boyer

Lady of St. Petersburg

Eamonn Cuerden-Conboy

Boy of St. Petersburg

Elliza Bowie

Girl of St. Petersburg

Erika Séguin

Lady of St. Petersburg

Gabrielle Dunning

Girl of St. Petersburg

Geena Millar

Girl of St. Petersburg

Jessica Burnside

Girl of St. Petersburg

Katherine Minty

Lady of St. Petersburg

Liam Thompson

Boy of St. Petersburg

Lindsay Waters

Lady of St. Petersburg

Marie-Pier Jean

Girl of St. Petersburg

Martin Lam

Boy of St. Petersburg

Noah Boonov

Girl of St. Petersburg

Rachael McAuley

Lady of St. Petersburg

Rachel Schenk

Girl of St. Petersburg


Annemarie Zeyl

Scenic Artist

Bonnie Bowie


Carol Chamberlain

Technical Director

Charles Russell

Stage Manager

Cheryl Jarvis Woods

Assistant Musical Director, Accompanist

Diane Bowman

Co-Cutter, Co-Costume Production Manager

Heidi Mitton

Production Assistant

Jim Robertson

Assistant to the Artistic Director

John Cybanski

Sound Designer

John Solman

Lighting Designer

Joy Lackey

Costume Designer

Karole Kidd Witiuk

Co-Cutter, Co-Costume Production Manager

Kerry Price

Make-up Designer, Hair Designer

Nancy Solman

Set Designer

Peter Wilson

Master Carpenter

Teresa Seasons

Properties Designer

Tiara Wallace

Wardrobe Mistress

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
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