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2010 - 2011


Set in New York City in 1933 during the Great Depression, Annie is the story of a little girl abandoned as a baby in front of the steps of the Municipal Orphanage with only a silver locket around her neck and a note saying her parents would someday return for her. Having waited for and dreamed of her parents for ten long years while under the strict watch of the mean-tempered Miss Hannigan who runs the Orphanage, Annie finally decides to run away and search for the family she has always wanted. Along the way, she befriends a stray dog who she names Sandy, but before long, Annie is found by the police and returned to the Orphanage to face Miss Hannigan's wrath.

As luck would have it, Annie is brought back to the Orphanage just as Miss Grace Farrell, secretary to the billionaire industrialist Oliver Warbucks, arrives to select an orphan to spend Christmas at the Warbucks mansion. Grace chooses Annie.

Warbucks is so taken with Annie, he decides to adopt her, but before he can approach the little girl about his plans, Annie tells him the story of her locket and her hopes that she might one day find her parents again. Warbucks, wanting nothing more than to make Annie happy, offers $50,000 to anyone who can prove that they are Annie's parents. Learning of the handsome cash reward, Miss Hannigan, assisted by her crooked brother Rooster and his girlfriend Lily, hatches a plot to get the money. The key to their success is their knowledge of Annie's silver locket.

Artistic Director: Judy Follett-Jones

Musical Director: John McGovern

Choreographer: Aileen Szkwarek


Alyssa Radulescu

Chorus, Boylan Sister

Barb Seabright-Moore

Miss Hannigan

Ben Blacklock

Chorus, Newsie

Cheryl Dubois

Sophie, Mrs. Pugh

Christa Cullain

Chorus, Lily St. Regis

Darren Bird

Chorus, Marine

Elliza Bowie

Daphne (an orphan)

Emily Tieu

Duffy (an orphan)

Erika Séguin

Chorus, Perkins

Gabriel Dugdale-Roberge

Chorus, Juggler

Gabrielle-Lynn Dunning

Kate (an orphan)

Grace Duern

July (an orphan)

Irish O'Brien

Grace Farrell

Jesse Gervais

Chorus, Rooster

Jim Morrison

Chorus, Chauffeur, Morganthau, Announcer

Jim Robertson

Chorus, Bert Healy

Jodie-Lee Primeau

Apple Seller, Chorus

Ken Tucker

Chorus, FDR

Laura D'Amico

Pepper (an orphan)

Liane Wray

Chorus, Mrs. Greer

Marie-Pier Jean

Annie Swing/Chorus

McKenna Mellon

Molly (an orphan)

Megan Damini

Charlotte (an orphan)

Michael David

Dog Catcher, Chorus

Mikaela Berg

Chorus, Usherette, Annette

Murray Doggett

Assistant Dog Catcher, Chorus, Drake, Wacky

Myriam Laliberte

Chorus, Cecile

Nabil Ayoub

Mr. Bundles, Chorus, Ickes

Paula Berry

Chorus, Star-to-Be, Boylan Sister

Pino Dicorato

Chorus, Cop, Kaltenborn



Sophia Rathwell-Swettenham


Tasia Loeffler-Vulpe

Chorus, Boylan Sister

Tate Holm

Tessie (an orphan)

Tim Hillock

Officer Ward, Chorus, Howe

Trevor Houle

Daddy Warbucks


Andrew Galligan

Assistant Stage Manager

Anne McGuire

Props Designer

Bryan Jesmer

Orpheus House Social Convenor

Caitlin Moore

Assistant Stage Manager

Charles Russell

Stage Manager

Cheryl Jarvis Woods

Assistant Musical Director. Accompanist

Debbie Miller-Smith


Jean Meldrum

Centrepointe Food Coordinator

Jen Hogan

Props Designer

Jennifer Quinn

Assistant to the Choreographer

John Cybanski

Sound Designer

John Solman

Technical Director

Judy Froome

Costume Designer

Kerry Price

Make-Up and Hair Designer

Michael Schilder

Apprentice Stage Manager

Nancy Solman

Set Designer

Peter Wilson

Master Carpenter

Rob Puchyr

Lighting Designer

Ruth Haller

Production Assistant

Steven K. Jones

Executive Producer

Tiara Wallace

Costume Production Manager, Wardrobe Mistress

Tom Mordasewicz

Master Carpenter

Tony Walker

Scenic Artist

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