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2011 - 2012


She has been called the most famous ship since Noah's Ark...the largest, fastest, most luxurious trans-Atlantic liner of her time...the "unsinkable" ship who, just four days into her maiden voyage, struck an iceberg at 11:40 p.m. on Sunday, April 14, 1912.  Two hours and forty minutes later the "ship of dreams" was gone, taking over 1,500 souls with her into the freezing depths of the North Atlantic.  She is the RMS Titanic, and Orpheus is honoured to mark her 100th anniversary with this exquisite production.

This is not a musical version of the James Cameron movie.  Based on real people and events and over ten years in creation, Titanic - The Musical was launched on April 23, 1997, at Broadway's Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, where it ran for 830 performances and won many accolades - including five Tony Awards - along the way.  Since then, it has been performed throughout North America, the UK and Australia and has been translated for successful productions across Europe and in Japan.

Bringing this now-legendary story to the Orpheus stage has been artistically and technically challenging and has required a huge commitment of time, energy and creativity from everyone involved.  With its elements of privilege and poverty, of courage and cowardice, of great achievement and catastrophic failure, it is a real-life story that, even a century later, far surpasses any screen or script-writer's imagination.

Artistic DirectorDeb Miller-Smith

Musical Director: Paul Legault

Choreographer, Assistant Artistic Director: Valerie Keenleyside


Alison Foley Howard


Andrea Kinsley

Marion Thayer, Ensemble

Andriano DeLuca

Steward Latimer, Ensemble

Barb Seabright-Moore

Ida Straus, Ensemble

Ben Blacklock


Bryan Jesmer

J.H. Rogers, Frank Carlson, Ensemble

Chris Hearne

John Jacob Astor, Ensemble

Christine Moran

Alice Beane

Dan DeMarbre

2nd Officer Charles Lightoller, Ensemble

Darren Bird

Charles Clarke

Debbie Kaplan

Miss Damico, Ensemble

Doug Thicke


Elli McKean

Madeline Astor, Ensemble

Emilie O'Brien


Eugene Oscapella

Isidor Straus, Ensemble

Isabella Hearne


Jeremy Sanders

3rd Officer Herbert J. Pitman, Ensemble

Jesse Gervais

Jim Farrell, Mr. Damico, Ensemble

Jim Robertson

Edgar Beane

Jim Tanner

Chief Steward Henry Etches, Ensemble

John Litster

Captain E.J. Smith

Joyce Landry

Eleanor Widener, Ensemble

Justin Hills

Stoker Frederick Barrett

Laura Burk

Charlotte Drake Cardoza, Ensemble

Marie-Hélène Brière

Stewardess Hutchinson, Ensemble

Mary Armstrong

Kate Mullins, Ensemble

Matt Easterbrook

John B. Thayer, Ensemble

Maureen Speer

Edith Corse Evans, Ensemble

Megan Damini

Stewardess Robinson, Ensemble

Michael David

4th Officer Boxhall, Ensemble

Michael McSheffrey

Radioman Harold Bride

Michelle Opthof-Batstone

Caroline Neville

Milton Dover

Lookout Frederick Fleet, Ensemble

Murray Doggett

1st Officer William Murdoch, Ensemble

Nicholas Edge

Jack Thayer, Ensemble

Patrick Leblanc

Bellboy, Ensemble

Rick Burk

The Major, Ensemble

Rob McLeish

George Widener, Ensemble

Sam Smith

Benjamin Guggenheim, Ensemble

Sascha Wiessmeyer

Kate McGowan

Sean Brennan

Chief Engineer Bell, Bandmaster Hartley, Ensemble

Shawn Smith

Quartermaster Hitchens, Bandsman Bricoux, Ensemble

Sophia Marshall


Susan Brown

Madame Aubert, Ensemble

Susanna Atkinson

Kate Murphey, Ensemble

Terry Duncan

Thomas Andrews

Tony Keenleyside

J. Bruce Ismay


Aviva Lightstone

Rehearsal Accompanist

Cheryl Jarvis Woods

Assistant Musical Director

Chris Amott

Lighting Designer

Donna Castonguay

Production Assistant

Drum Hudson


Heather Forsyth

Stage Manager

J. Taylor Morris

Apprentice Artistic Director

Jean Meldrum

Centrepointe Food Coordinator

Jean Stewart

Co-Scenic Artist

John Cybanski

Sound Designer

John McGovern


Joy Lackey

Wardrobe Supervisor

Judy Froome

Costume Designer, Co-Cutter

Karen Wallace

Hospitality Director

Karole Kidd Witiuk

Costume Production Manager, Co-Cutter

Kerry Price

Hair and Makeup Designer

Margaret Coderre-Williams

Set Designer, Co-Scenic Artist

Maritie Lord

Assistant Stage Manager

Marlene Hudson

Apprentice Producer

Michael Schilder

Assistant Stage Manager

Monique Ecroyd

Props Designer

Steven K. Jones

Technical Director, Master Carpenter

Tiara Wallace

Social Convenor

Wendy Blakey

Wardrobe Supervisor

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