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2012 - 2013

The Drowsy Chaperone

Every now and then a real gem of a new show comes along that is pure entertainment. The Drowsy Chaperone, a Canadian-born satire of the 1920s musicals, is indeed one of those rare jewels.

It takes place in the mind and in the apartment of a recluse referred to only as Man in Chair. As he plays one of his old records on this antiquated turntable, this delightful show comes to life before our eyes.

Feldzieg Follies and movie star Janet Van de Graaff is saying farewell to showbiz and getting married to oil tycoon Robert Martin. Without her, the Follies stand to lose a lot of money. So the Follies' backers hire two thugs to lean on Feldzieg, their producer, to hlep protect their investment.

The Van de Graaff/Martin wedding is to take place at the estate of a rather ditzy dowager, Mrs. Tottendale. Along with her beleaguered butler, Underling, and in keeping with the era, they provide the scene-melding vaudeville routines.

Feldzieg engages the services of a Latin lothario by the name of Aldolpho who is contracted to bed the bride before her fiancé does and quash any plans for a wedding. Aldolpho enters the bride's boudoir and upon meeting the titled drowsy or should we say tipsy chaperone, immediately mistakes her for the bride.

Add to the mix one gold-digging chorine, a caring best man, an Earhart-like aviatrix along with a few other delightful characters, and there you have it, a wonderful way to escape the dreary horrors of the real world and enjoy life when it was so much less complicated.

Artistic Director: Michael Gareau

Musical Director: John McGovern

Choreographer: Debbie Millet (also Assistant Artistic Director)


Alex Brunjes

The Superintendent; Ensemble

Andrew Galligan

Gangster #1

Andréa Black

Janet Van de Graaff, the Bride

Bryan Jesmer

Gangster #2

Christine Drew

Mrs. Tottendale, the Hostess

Christine Moran

Kitty, the Chorine

Darren Bird

George, the Best Man

Dennis Van Staalduinen

Aldolpho, the Lothario

Jim Robertson

Underling, the Butler

Kodi Cannon

Robert Martin, the Bridegroom

Lesley Osborn

The Drowsy Chaperone

Mary Armstrong

Trix, the Aviatrix; Ensemble

Sam Smith

Feldzig, the Producer

Wayne Nolan

Man in Chair, the Narrator

Danielle Denisko


Dave Rowan


France Bastien


Isabella Kondrat


Jacob Roberts


Jeremy Sanders


Lisa Wagner


Peter Doherty


Samantha De Benedet



Judy Froome


Alison Enid Foley

Production Assistant

Anne McGuire

Props Designer

Aviva Lightstone

Rehearsal Accompanist

Barbara Berry

Wardrobe Supervisor

Christy Bindhardt

Set Designer

Christy Bindhardt

Scenic Artist

Cynthia Sanoy


Cynthia Sanoy

Costume Designer

David Magladry

Lighting Designer

Heather Forsyth

Stage Manager

Jean Meldrum

Social Convenor

Jean Meldrum

Centrepointe Food Coordinator

John Cybanski

Sound Designer

John Litster

Apprentice Musical Director

John Solman

Technical Director

Karole Kidd Witiuk


Kerry Gervais

Makeup Designer

Kerry Gervais

Hair Designer

Kim MacDonald

Assistant Stage Manager

Lisa Hopkins


Maritie Lord

Assistant Stage Manager

Mark Muench

Master Carpenter

Michael Kavcic

Apprentice Producer

Paul Matthew

Apprentice Stage Manager

Pauline Doggett

Costume Production Manager

Sierra Slegtenhorst

Apprentice Choreographer

The Drowsy Chaperone
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