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2014 - 2015

Young Frankenstein

Doctor Frederick Frankenstein leaves his fiancé and a prestigious position at a leading medical school behind to sort out an old family estate he has inherited in Transylvania. Upon arrival, he discovers an old laboratory and manuscripts, and attempts to renew his grandfather's infamous legacy by bringing a corpse back to life. With lots of help (and hindrance) from his new partners in crime – estate man servant/general dogsbody Igor, ever eager lab assistant Inga and loyal housekeeper of the Transylvanian castle, Frau Blücher, Freddy tries to continue his experiments while keeping an angry mob of villagers at bay. To his amazement, Frederick's endeavours find success, but also lead to increasingly outrageous situations and decidedly unexpected results!

Artistic Director: Jenn Donnelly

Musical Director: Marlene Hudson

Choreographer: Linda Fournier-Brown and France Bastien


Adam Lantos

Lawrence, Dr. Acula

Andréa Black


Bebe Brunjes

Ship's Crew, Basha, Igor (Understudy), “Pitch Fork Players” Ensemble

Brennan Richardson

Medical Student, Ship's Purser, Transylvanian Quartet, Villager (Speaking), Frederick (Understudy), “Pitch Fork Players” Ensemble

Bryan Jesmer

Herald/Undertaker, Voyager, Bob, “Pitch Fork Players” Ensemble

Caitlin Elmslie

Voyager, Tasha, “Pitch Fork Players” Ensemble

Delaney Hinds

The Monster

Emma Sangalli


Erika Séguin

Voyager, Villager (Speaking), “Pitch Fork Players” Ensemble

Graeme Parke


Hannah Grant

Voyager, Masha, “Pitch Fork Players” Ensemble

Jasmine Lee

Voyager, Sasha, Ritz Specialty, “Pitch Fork Players” Ensemble

Jeremy Sanders

Medical Student, Ship's Crew, “Pitch Fork Players” Ensemble

Jim Tanner

Ziggy, Mr. Hilltop, Telegraph Boy, Shoeshine Boy, Viktor

Katie Shapiro

Voyager, Equine, “Pitch Fork Players” Ensemble

Matthew Chin

Medical Student, Ship's Crew, Equine, Transylvanian Quartet, Villager (Speaking), “Pitch Fork Players” Ensemble

Michael McSheffrey

Frederick Frankenstein

Rick Burk

Herr Falkstein, Medical School Orderly, Ship's Captain, Transylvanian Quartet

Roxane Delisle

Frau Blücher

Sam Smith

Inspector Kemp, Hermit

Steve Vesely

Voyager, Transylvanian Quartet, Villager (Speaking), “Pitch Fork Players” Ensemble

Tanya Chang

Voyager, Villager (Speaking), “Pitch Fork Players” Ensemble


Aidan Shenkman

Rehearsal Accompanist

Bebe Brunjes

Hair Designer

Cass Marks

Costume Production Manager

Cheryl Jarvis Woods

Audition Accompanist

Chris Amott

Lighting Designer

Cynthia Sanoy

Costume Designer

Debbie Miller-Smith

Publicity Coordinator

Drake Evans

Assistant to the Artistic Director

Drum Hudson


Elena Kastritsa

Apprentice Set Designer

Fabian Santos

Production Assistant

Jean Meldrum

Social Convenor, Meridian Food Coordinator

John Cybanski

Sound Designer

John Litster

Assistant Stage Manager

Kevin Gehrels

Master Carpenter, Technical Director

Kim MacDonald

Assistant Stage Manager

Michael Kavcic

Assistant Sound Designer

Paul Matthew

Stage Manager

Pauline Doggett

Wardrobe Supervisor

Stephanie Williams

Props Designer

Tony Walker

Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Tracey Lahey

Makeup Designer

Wendy Berkelaar

Rehearsal Accompanist

Young Frankenstein
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