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2015 - 2016

A Chorus Line

A Chorus Line is a celebration of those unsung heroes of  Musical Theatre - the chorus dancers-- the valiant, over-dedicated, underpaid, and highly trained chorus dancers who back up the stars and often make them look even more talented than they are.

A Chorus Line is also about competition, and competition might easily be the common denominator that grabs the audience and holds it by the collective heartstring until the final choices are made.

Specifically, A Chorus Line takes the audience through the final gruelling audition run by the director, Zach, for a new Broadway musical.  At the beginning of the show, Zach, a driven, compulsive worker, has assembled twenty-six semi-finalists and is putting them through a vigorous series of dance combinations, including ballet and jazz. Soon he whittles this group down to the final seventeen.  They and the audience know that eventually this number will be cut to eight, four boys and four girls.

Instead of having them read a short audition scene, Zach wants to elicit a personal history from each one: how they got into "show business" and why they became dancers.  As he calls upon them individually, they react in every possible way, from bravado to reticence. From childhood on, their memories emerge, blending into a seamless series of musical numbers and monologues.  As their individual stories pour out in songs and in spoken words, we get to know each one of these ambitious entertainers individually, so that by the show's end, we can identify and cheer for our favourites.

A Chorus Line departs from the usual glossy backstage musical by presenting a true picture of what it's like to be in the theatre - glamorous at times, but also tough, heartbreaking and sometimes even tragic.

Artistic Director: Debbie Guilbeault

Musical Director: Wendy Berkelaar

Choreographer: Derek Eyamie


Andréa Black


Antoine L. Collins


Blair Laugher


Christa Cullain


Cynthia Wood


DeNeige Dojack

Michelle, Ballet Dancer

Drake Evans

Larry, Pit Singer

Erynn Paton


Jack MacDougall


Jamie Rice

Pit Singer

Jasmine Lee


Jeremy Sanders


Joyanne Rudiak

Tricia, Stripper

Julia Redfern


Katie Shapiro


Marco Walker-Ng

Butch, Pit Singer

Matthew Chin


Morgan Coughlan


Mélanie Evans

Vicki, Pit Singer

Nolla Timmins


Paddy McCarthy


Rebeka Tekle


Rhyanna Melanson

Lois, Ballet Dancer

Rob Henderson


Rob Singlehurst

Frank, Pit Singer

Sarah Smythe

Ballet Dancer, Stripper, Pit Singer

Sharon Dickson

Pit Singer

Sierra Brennan


Spencer Cripps


Thomas Shapiro



Alison Enid Foley

Production Assistant

Andrea Kinsley

Publicity Coordinator

Bebe Brunjes

Hair Designer

Beverley Soifer

Assistant Musical Director

Bryan Jesmer

Meridian Food Coordinator

Carmella Gehrels

Wardrobe Supervisor

Chris Amott

Lighting Designer

Fabian Santos


Jenn Donnelly

Set Designer

John Cybanski

Sound Designer

Joy Lackey

Costume Designer

Karole Kidd Witiuk


Kellina Gehrels


Laura Burk

Co-Social Convenor

Maxim David

Assistant to the Production Assistant

Paul Matthew

Stage Manager

Rachel Hauraney

Assistant Stage Manager

Rick Burk

Assistant Stage Manager and Co-Social Convenor

Rob Puchyr

Props Designer

Sonja Milsom

Apprentice Artistic Director

Stephanie Williams

Volunteer Coordinator

Steve Jones

Master Carpenter and Technical Director

Tony Walker

Scenic Artist

Tracey Lahey

Makeup Designer

A Chorus Line
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