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The reviews are in!

The reviews for sister act have been coming in, and we couldn't be happier.

Orpheus Musical Theatre does not disappoint—there’s great staging, wonderful orchestrations a strong cast. Don’t be fooled if you think a show about nuns can’t have great costumes too. Those basic black and white habits are more than meets the eye.
the best Orpheus production I have seen to date, largely thanks to the casting and singing talent. Recommended for the whole family
It will have you laughing continuously while the plot leaves you wondering where it will go next! (assuming you haven’t seen the movie or course!) It was such a great performance, and with quality that rivals every Broadway level production that I have seen, is worth every penny of the cost of a ticket!

We have 4 shows left, grab your tickets while you still can!

Assembled nuns of the Queen of Angels church with Monsignor O'Hara celebrating reviews in the paper
Photo: Andrew Alexander for Alan Dean Photography


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I loved Sister Act! Amazing cast! Wonderful singing and choreography! Inspired sets! A terrific show!

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