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1972 - 1973


The madcap life of eccentric Mame Dennis and her bohemian, intellectual, arty clique is disrupted when her deceased brother's 10-year-old son Patrick is entrusted to her care. Rather than bow to convention, Mame introduces the boy to her free-wheeling lifestyle, instilling in him her favorite credo, "Life is a banquet, and most poor sons-of-bitches are starving to death." Figuring in the storyline are Agnes Gooch (Mame's personal secretary and nanny-in-law), Vera Charles (her "bosom buddy" baritone actress and world's greatest lush) and Dwight Babcock (the stuffy and officious executor of her brother's estate). Mame loses her fortune in the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and tries her hand at a number of jobs with comically disastrous results but perseveres with good humor and an irrepressible sense of style.

Mame then meets and marries Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside, a Southern aristocrat with a Georgia plantation called Peckerwood. The trustees of Patrick's father force Mame to send Patrick off to boarding school (the fictional St Boniface, in Massachusetts), and Mame and Beau travel the world on an endless honeymoon that stops when Beau falls to his death while mountain climbing. Mame returns home a wealthy widow to discover that Patrick has become a snob engaged to an equally priggish debutante, Gloria Upson, from a bigoted family. Mame brings Patrick to his senses just in time to introduce him to the woman who will eventually become his wife, Pegeen Ryan. As the story ends, Mame is preparing to take Patrick's young son, Peter, to India with her usual flair.

Director: Jospeh L. Shaver

Musical Director: Derek Stannard

Choreographer: Marjorie Bishop


Al Hand

Dwight Babcock

Arch Harvey

Doorman/Mame's Friends

Audrey Canty

Mame Dennis

Betty Gibson

Vera Charles

Bill Stevens

Patrick Dennis (age 19=20)

Bob Carriére

Messenger Boy/Mame's Friends

Brad Smith

Patrick Dennis

Cathy Patton

Sally Cato/Mame's Friends

Dario Echeverri

Ralph Devine/Mame's Friends

David Clark

Peter Dennis

David Hayes

Uncle Jeff/Mame's Friends

Denise Smith

Art Model/Mame's Friends

Jean Halley

Madame Branislowski, Mame’s Friends

Jim Kerr

Elevator Boy/Mame's Friends

Jocelyn Crain

Agnes Gooch

Judi Halstead

Pegeen Ryan

Larry Sullivan

M. Linday Woolsey

Margaret Reardon

Gloria Upson

Michael Gareau


Norma Coll

Mother Burnside

Pat Fraser

Mrs. Upson

Paul Jolicoeur

Junior Babcock/Mame's Friends

Rick Matheson

Mr. Upson

Roger Webber-Taylor

Artist/Mame's Friends

Sal Pantalone

Beauregard Pickett Burnside

Teresa Boone

Cousin Fan/Mame's Friends

Tom Hamelin

Stage Manager

Vern Fraser


Wilfred Dubé

Leading Man/Mame's Friends

Catherine McLaughlin

Mame's Friends

Dorothy Holtz

Mame's Friends

Dorothy MacDonald

Mame's Friends

Fran Smith

Mame's Friends

Frank Burke

Mame's Friends

Gail Sturgeon

Mame's Friends

Heather Coulthart

Mame's Friends

Heather Lyon

Mame's Friends

Holly Larocque

Mame's Friends

Holly Small

Mame's Friends

Jack Wallace

Mame's Friends

Janet Lister

Mame's Friends

Jean Wheeler

Mame's Friends

Jim McNabb

Mame's Friends

Joan Foster

Mame's Friends

Joan Galbraith

Mame's Friends

Joy Phillips

Mame's Friends

Len Morin

Mame's Friends

Les Bonhower

Mame's Friends

Liliane Winter

Mame's Friends

Louis Burke

Mame's Friends

Marcel Carriére

Mame's Friends

Margaret Mahony

Mame's Friends

Marnie Edwards

Mame's Friends

Marylin Day

Mame's Friends

Mimi Lefebvre

Mame's Friends

Nancy Lynn Black

Mame's Friends

Nick Michelis

Mame's Friends

Nora Carpenter

Mame's Friends

Patti Anne Johnston

Mame's Friends

Paul Young

Mame's Friends

Peggy Burgess

Mame's Friends

Peter Parkinson

Mame's Friends

Suzette Martineau

Mame's Friends

Tom Schwarzkopf

Mame's Friends

Valerie Fournier

Mame's Friends


Ann Goetz

Set Designer

Bruce MacKay

Assistant Stage Manager

Don O'Donnell

House Manager (Commerce)

Elizabeth Ciesluk

Make-up Artistry

Faye Lavell

Ticket Manageress

Gordon Lussier

Lighting Designer

Heather Larocque

Costume Design

Joan Galbraith

Social/Canteen Director

Len Boone

Properties Master

Len Morin

Programme Director

Lorna Rice


Lorraine St. Laurent


Peter Vandesande

Sound Engineer

Reg Bruce-Mount

Programme Photography

Richard Elichuk

Assistant to Director

Sally Weltman

Publicity Director

Sharon McNevin

Programme Cover Design

Terry Moran

Set Construction/Master Carpenter

Tom Hamelin

Stage Manager

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