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1975 - 1976

Beauty and the Beast and the ???

This original Orpheus musical was created as a touring production for children. Composed by Berthold Carrière with lyrics by John Marier, this show featured much audience participation. Beauty and her forgetful father, who has had to sell his belongings meet a shipless group of pirates who are wandering through the forest under the command of a totally, inept captain who cannot even snap his fingers. His faithful band include a new recruit and a pirate who resembles Harpo Marx. The Beast feels sorry for himself and tries to get some sympathy from the audience. The pirates not only plan to share their treasure with Beauty’s father but decide to rescue Beauty. But all turns out well in the final scene at the palace. The Beast, now a handsome Prince, invites the pirates to live at the palace, where there will be “no ship but friendship”.

Director: Richard Elichuk

Musical Director: Frank Burke

Choregrapher: Marcel Carrière


Bob Lackey


Janet Lister

Pirate Recruit

Jim Perkins


Karen Wood


Tony Keenleyside

Pirate Chief

Vern Fraser


Marvel Carrière


Michael Gareau


Patrick Olesko


Tom Hamelin



Berthold Carrière

Music Composer

Bill Steen

Set Designer

Frank Burke


John Marier

Music Lyricist

Judith Froome

Costume Designer

Beauty and the Beast and the ???
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