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1976 - 1977

Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables is a story that draws deeply on the spirit of a place where integrity is as natural as the roll of the tide, and the sincere encouragement of friend and neighbour fits seamlessly into a contented landscape of furrowed hills that, like those who work them, remember to reach up and embrace a sunset.

Anne Shirley comes to Avonlea having already learned to live by imagination and fancy, full of romantic ideas, poetic notions, and equipped with a tongue "that must be hung in the middle, it flaps so" in order to cope with the tragedies of her life thus far.

It is the honesty of her survivor's soul that prevents us from seeing her as a precocious child. Anne needs to belong, to be accepted, and to be loved but, as the years unfold, her temper and her stubbornness continue to stand in the way. Until she learns to control her temper, show forgiveness, and trust her own worth, Anne cannot find that for which she longs.

Dramatic Director: George Wilson

Musical Director: Rod Holmes

Choreographer: Marnie Edwards


Andy McIlroy

Malcolm Andrews

Anne Cousineau


Brian (Bo) Light

Charlie Sloane

Cayla Baylin

Mrs. Barry

Corey Fraser


Cuyler Black


David Hayes


David McDonald


Donna O'Connor

Tillie Boulter

Dorothy Gough

Mrs. MacPherson

Eddie Nunn

Matthew Cuthbert

Frank Burke


Gerry Morris

Cecil (Farmer)

Gervis Black

The Minister

Isabel Hornstein

Josie Pye

Jack Wallace


Jack Wallace

Earl (Mailman)

Jean Wheeler

Mrs. Sloane

Jeremy Sametz


Jonathan More

Tommy Sloane

Julie Adam


Liane Marshall

Mrs. Blewett, Miss Stacy

appearing by permisson of Actor's Equity Association

Linda Hunter


Lorraine Scollin

Diana Barry

Marilyn Day


Marshall Black


Maureen Quinn McGovern

Anne Shirley

Michael Gareau

Moody MacPherson

Michael O'Brien


Naomi Campbell

Ruby Gillis

Pat Fraser

Mrs. Spencer

Rebecca Campbell


Robert Duncan

Gerry Buote

Roberta Sametz

Prissy Andrews

Sharron McGuirl

Mrs. Rachel Lynde

Sheila Shields

Mrs. Pye

Tamara De-Vreeze

Marilla Cuthbert

appearing by permisson of Actor's Equity Association

Terri Hawkes

Gertie Pye

Tony Keenleyside

Gilbert Blythe

Vern Fraser

Mr. Phillips


Bill Butterworth

Lighting Coordinator

Bill McKinnon

House Manager (Orpheus)

Casey Krzyzanowski

Master Carpenter

Chris Terry

Asst. Production Coordinator, Asst. Stage Manager, photographer

David Hayes

House Manager (Commerce)

Ed Yeatman

Programme Cover Designer

Elizabeth Ciesluk

Make-up Artist

Faye Lavell

Ticket Manager

Fran Smith


Jeanie Stewart

Scenic Artist

Joy Phillips

Assistant to Dramatic Director

Len Boone

Costume Designer

Linda Pratt

Properties Mistress

Lorna Rice


Merle Adam

Dance Captain

Nancy Turner

Lighting Designer

Norma Coll

Costume Mistress

Paul Isaacs

Sound Technician

Rick Matheson

Production Coordinator

Roberta Sametz

Programme Director

Scott Clark

Hair Stylist

Sis Bower

The Patch Work Quilt

Terry Moran

Stage Manager

Tom Shields

Workshop Chairman

Tony Keenleyside

Publicity Director

W.E. (Ted) Fancott

Set Designer

Anne of Green Gables
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