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1976 - 1977

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

This delightful musical based on Charles Schulz’s beloved comic strip “Peanuts” was staged by Orpheus for an Ottawa Valley tour as it travelled easily with its basic set and small cast. The show presents a typical day in the life of Charlie and his pals through a series of vignettes revealing the well-known quirks of these characters. We meet the whole cast at the beginning as they sing “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”.  Lucy pursues Schroeder in song as he ignores her while playing Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”. Linus clings to his blanket, dancing with it for “My Blanket and Me”, while Snoopy reflects on the ordinary and the exciting in a dog’s life. Charlie tries to get his kite to fly.  Act One ends with the students having to write a book report on “Peter Rabbit”.

The adventures continue in Act Two, as Snoopy goes in quest of the Red Baron. There is a chaotic baseball game. Snoopy enacts a Broadway-style production number for “Suppertime” as he imagines the possibilities. The characters share their powerful bond of friendship at the end of the show as sweet Patty begins to sing and the others tenderly review their day in the heart-warming song “Happiness”.

Part of a free summer series presented at the Astrolabe amphitheater at Nepean Point.

Director: Richard Elichuk

Musical Director, Orchestra: Frank Burke

Choreographer: Vicki Forrester


Holly Larocque


Karen Wood


Michael Gareau


Mike O'Neil

Charlie Brown

Peter Bartlett


Shaun Markey


Tom Hamelin



Jeanie Stewart


Joan Foster

Costume Mistress, Props Mistress

Lorna Rice

Accompanist, Orchestra

Nancy Turner


Randy Coles


Terry Moran

Stage Manager

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
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