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1980 - 1981


New York City c 1980

Gittel Mosca, who is Jewish (she says “GIttel” means “things fall apart”), single, and has ulcers, is a “lovable lunatic” who knows her weaknesses only too well. One of those weaknesses is love in the person of Jerry Ryan, fresh from Nebraska and a falling-out with his wife.

Jerry’s relationship with Gittel is an on-again, off-again battle of strong emotions enmeshed in conflicting personalities. Gittel has a shoulder to lean on in David, her gay dancing partner. But when David’s big break is within his grasp, Gittel finds herself alone in a situation with Jerry that cannot ever match her dreams.

On a seesaw, you’re either high or low, going up or down, up, down….

Director: JimMcNabb

Musical Director: Steward Butterfield

Choreographer: Jo-Anne Stephens


Allison Rowley

Gittel Mosca

Andrea Seim-Blackburn


appearing by permission of Canadian Actor's Equity Association

Bob Riddell


Michael Gareau

Larry, dance ensemble

Paul Baker

Jerry Ryan

Preston Davis

Oscar, dance ensemble

Roberta Sametz

A Nurse, dance ensemble

Sheila Shields


Andrew Stephens

dance ensemble

Brenda Kimmel

dance ensemble

Daniel Dagenais

dance ensemble

Dean Verger

dance ensemble

Debbie Miller

dance ensemble

Gilles Côté

dance ensemble

Gwen Dobie

dance ensemble

Helen Wygoda

dance ensemble

Jack Wallace

dance ensemble

Joan Hocken

dance ensemble

Kim Stephens

dance ensemble

Lise Anne Bourgeois

dance ensemble

Lynn Wiseman

dance ensemble

Mary Anne Taylor

dance ensemble

Maryanne Kampouris

dance ensemble

Maurice Côté

dance ensemble

Nancy Blais

dance ensemble

Ron Proulx

dance ensemble

Tali Fleishman

dance ensemble

Vivian McGuire

dance ensemble


Alisa Kerr


Bev Hills

Workshop Chairman

Bill Butterworth


Brenda Kimmel

Dance Captain

Chris Terry

Show Photographer

Christina Thompson

Director's Assistant

Claude Edouard St-Amour

Hair Designer

Daniel Dagenais

Dance Captain

David Hayes

House Manager (Commerce)

David Roop

Costume Master

Isabelle Seguin

Make-Up Designer

J. A. Wallace

Publicity Director

Joan Scarcella

Costume Designer

Judith Froome

Production Co-ordinator

Larry Hrehoriak

Scenic Artist

Lorna Rice


Marion Monteith


Marylin Day

Stage Manager

Michel T Lalonde

Programme Director

Mike Jotoff

Lighting Designer

Richard Elichuk

House Manager (Orpheus)

Ron MacKenzie

Projection Designer

Sandye Hayes

Show Photographer

Sheila Shields

Ticket Manager

Ted Fancott

Set Designer

Terry Moran

Social Director

Tom Shields

Master Carpenter

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