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1993 - 1994

Guys and Dolls

New York, late 1940s…

It is difficult to imagine a more intriguing cast of characters than the denizens of New York created by Damon Runyon:  Harry the Horse, Nicely-Nicely Johnson, Angie the Ox, Big Jule, and a host of others with lifestyles as unconventional as their names. Guys and Dolls features two love stories: the unlikely romance between high-roller Sky Masterson and Sarah Brown of the Save-a-Soul Mission, and the 14-year engagement of tinhorn gambler Nathan Detroit to Miss Adelaide, a performer at the Hot Box nightclub.  As the action begins, Nathan is desperately seeking a place to continue the “oldest established permanent floating crap game in New York” and makes an unusual bet with Sky to bankroll the venture.

Director: Richard Elichuk

Musical Director: Rod Holmes

Choreographer: Debbie Miller-Smith


Abe Schwartz

The Drunk

Al Gordon Baldwin

Sky Masterson

Alex Latoche

Angie the Ox, ensemble

Brian Burke

Big Jule

Carolyn Dunlop

Miss Adelaide

Cindy Harrison

Mimi, Hot Box Girl

David Hayes

Arvide Abernathy, Mission Band

Don Laver

Nicely-Nicely Johnson

Heather Monkman

General Matilda B. Cartwright

Jennifer Donnelly

Agatha, Mission Band

Jim Robertson

Nathan Detroit

Joe O'Brien

Lt. Brannigan

Ken Panton

Emcee, ensemble

Moe Romanow

Harry The Horse

Normand Lalonde

Rusty Charlie

Rob Henderson

Benny Southstreet

Sam Smith

Joey Biltmore, ensemble

Tammy Sutherland

Sarah Brown

Anabela Last


Andrew Hunter


Chris Johnson


Dianna Lynn Dalton


Erik Bunkis


Jim Morrison


Julie Schwartz


Mark Munday


Minna Koch


Patrick Donahue


Peter Kealey


Roger Boake


Roger Webber-Taylor


Scott Donald


Sheila Craig


Walt Conrad


Aileen Szkwarek

Hot Box Girl

Linda Fournier

Hot Box Girl

Lucille Warren

Hot Box Girl

Lynne Fleury

Hot Box Girl

Tania Wilson

Hot Box Girl

Bob Legare

Mission Band

Nikki Fitzpatrick

Mission Band

Robin Monaghan

Mission Band


Anne McGuire


Art Whitehead

House Manager (Orpheus)

Barbara Seeton

Make-up Designer

Bill Butterworth

Sound Designer

Carol Chamberlain

Stage Manager

Cindy Harrison

Dance Captain

Donald Lambton

Production Coordinator

Gerry Austin

Lighting Designer

Helen Pelcis

House Manager (Adult High School)

Henry Traub

Scenic Artist

John Solman

Workshop Chairman

Judith Froome

Costume Designer

Judy Givon

Scenic Artist

Larry Armstrong

Hair Designer

Leslie Hutchins

Set Designer

Lorna Rice


Malvary Cole

Assistant Stage Manager

Melva Scott

Make-up Designer, Scenic Artist

Millie Mallon

Costume Mistress

Peter Messier

Production Assistant

Steve Kerstetter

Scenic Artist

Tom Mordasewicz

Master Carpenter

Guys and Dolls
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