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1993 - 1994

City of Angels

Los Angeles, late 1940s…

Stine comes to L.A. to write the screenplay for one of his novels (City of Angels), in which Stone is the leading character. Only when he gets to L.A. does he find out that producer/director Buddy Fiddler is really the man in charge. Two story lines are threaded throughout the musical - what is happening to Stine in real life and what his characters are doing in the screenplay which he is trying to write to the producer's satisfaction.

Unlike any other musical, City of Angels uses something like a split-screen technique in which one side of the stage portrays the characters in Stine's book. As Stine's screenplay unfolds and is re-written, the characters are subject to his scribbles. On the other side of the stage, we have reality.

Director: Lorraine St. Laurent

Musical Director, Sound Design: Drum Hudson

Choreographer: Susie Bregg-Krzyzanowski


Al Gordon Baldwin


Alex Latoche

Munoz Trio: Coroner, Cameraman

Bob Donatucci

Sonny, Studio Cop

Brian Smyth

Irwin S. Irving, Buddy Fidler

Cathy-Jo Thompson

Angel City Four

Chris Cullen

Munoz Trio: Mahoney, Del Dacosta, Nephew

Deanna Waterman

Angel City Four

Diane Coulterman

Alaura Kingsley, Carla Haywood

Dianna Renée Yorke

Bobbi: Stone's girlfriend, Gabby: Stine's Wife

Eddie Nunn

Luther Kingsley, Werner Krieger

Eugene Oscapella


Frank Duern

Jimmy Powers

Guylaine Roy

Mallory Kingsley, Avril Raines

Jim Robertson

Gaines, Butler, Shoeshine, Propman

Joe Bedford

Big Six, Studio Cop

Ken Panton

Munoz Trio: Pasco, Gene

Lawrence Evenchick

Angel City Four

Leslie Toope

Maid, Movie Stand-In

Lisa Bishop

Margie, Masseuse, Make-up Artist

Martha Milne

Oolie: Stone's Secretary, Donna: Buddy's Secretary

Michael Gareau

Lieutenant Munoz, Pancho Vargas

Nancy Blais

Bootsie, Hooker, Hairdresser

Peter Messier

Dr. Mandril, Barber, Soundman

Rob Henderson

Angel City Four

Shaun Mullally

Peter Kingsley, Gerald Pierce


Art Whitehead

House Manager (Orpheus)

Barbara Seeton

Make-up Desinger

Bill Butterworth

Sound Design

Brenda Caiger

Assistant Costume Designer

Carol Chamberlain

Production Coordinator

Caroline Heaton

Assistant Stage Manager

Gary King

House Manager (Adult High School)

Geoff Gruson

Fight Coordinator

Jill Thompson

Costume Designer

John Burgess-Murray

Production Assistant

John Solman

Master Carpenter, Workshop Chairman

Larry Armstrong

Hair Designer

Malvary J. Cole

Properties Mistres

Margaret Coderre-Williams

Lighting Designer

Marylin Day

Stage Manager

Melva Scott

Make-up Desinger

Nancy Solman

Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Patti Mordasewicz

Production Assistant

Paul Legault


Penny Koch

Costume Mistress

City of Angels
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