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1995 - 1996

Babies! Babies! Babies!

The present, in a hospital nursery anywhere…

Have you ever wondered what really goes on in a baby’s mind? Join us right in the womb as the babies are getting ready to be born, and you’ll find out. Witness their first tentative steps. Hear their first words. See them make their first friends, have their first fights, learn to share. Watch them develop and grow into “individuals”. Into “types”.  Be there to wish them well as they leave the safety and comfort of the nursery to venture out into the real world with their parents.

Babies! Babies! Babies!, by Canadian composer-librettist Cliff Jones, is a magical musical cavalcade that heartwarmingly depicts what might go on in a nursery during a baby's first few impressionable days of life.

Director: Michael Gareau

Musical Director: Marylen Milenkovic

Choreographer: Linda Fournier


Alex Latoche

Johnny, Boy Doll, Daddy

Annette Remter

Annie, Mommy

Carolyn Dunlop


Christine Moran

Nadine, Girl Doll

Guylaine Roy


Ian Kendall


Kesta Graham

Frannie, Mommy

Kraig Proulx

Ashely, Daddy

Michael Fortier


Minna Koch


Nancy Blais


Patrick Donahue

Everett, Daddy

Rob Henderson


R�jean Mayer


Shawna McSheffrey


Tim St-Louis



Angela Richer

Hair Designer

Brenda Schroh

Costume Designer

Cathy McKechnie

Production Assistant

Chris Johnson

Technical Director

David Magladry

Lighting Designer

Doug George

Assistant Stage Manager

Jeanie Stewart

Assistant Scenic Artist

John Solman

Stage Manager, Workshop Chairman

Lorna Rice


Lynne Fleury

Assistant Choreographer

Margaret Coderre-Williams

Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Melva Scott

Make-up Designer

Neil Bateman

Sound Designer

Penny Koch


Robin Monaghan

Make-up Designer

Sandra Ponech

Costume Designer

Terry Dacey

Master Carpenter

Walt Conrad

Production Coordinator

Babies! Babies! Babies!
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