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1997 - 1998

Li'l Abner

Li'l Abner is the clever musical theatre adaptation of the daily comic strip created by Al Capp.

The story unfolds during the late 1950s in the mythical town of Dogpatch, U.S.A. Almost the entire town is unemployed. The men spend their days fishing while the single ladies scheme about how to catch their men come next Sadie Hawkins Day.

Things are rolling along quite smoothly when, thanks to the "feds", their little town is suddenly deemed the most unnecessary place on the face of the map and is chosen as the site for atomic bomb testing. Unless they can prove themselves worthy, they have 48 hours to evacuate their homes.

Mammy Yokum almost saves the day with her wonder drug, Yokumberry Tonic, but what finally gets them off the hook is the plaque they find in the town square — signed by Abraham Lincoln — declaring their monument in honour of local hero Jubilation T. Cornpone to be a national shrine.

Director: Michael Gareau

Musical Director: Marylen Milenkovic

Choreographer: Lynne Fleury


Ada Timmins

Hope, Secretary

Anabela Vieira

Daisy Mae Scragg

Andy Williams

Available Jones

Barry Caiger

Pappy Yokum

Brenda Solman


Brian Donahue

Clem, Secretary

Cara Pantalone


Carter Davis


Chris Williams

Zeke, President of the United States

Cindy Beaton


Don Lapierre

Earthquake McGoon

Fred Farag

Lonesome Polecat

Jason Nesrallah

Luke, Evil Eye Fleagle

Jim Robertson

a Scragg, Senator Jack S. Phogbound

Jim Tanner

General Bullmoose, hillbilly

Jonathan Patterson

Secretary, Policeman, ensemble

Judy Follett

Appassionata Von Climax, hillbilly

Justin Ferrabee

a Scragg, Government Specimen

Kirby Naftel

Moonbeam McSwine, ensemble

Kraig Paul Proulx

Marryin' Sam

Lesley Osborn

Lillian, Dr. Schleifetz

Lindsay Hill

Hairless Joe, American Announcer

Lisa Chisholm

Stupefyin' Jones, hillbilly

Marylin Day

Mammy Yokum

Maureen McGovern

Bonnie, Dr. Krogmeyer

Michael Fortier

Creighton the Butler, American Announcer, ensemble

Moe Romanow

Mayor Dan'l D. Dawgmeat

Patrick Donahue

Cy, Secretary, Dr. Smithborn

Rob Henderson

a Scragg, Dr. Rasmussen T. Finsdale

Robert Hoag

Policeman, ensemble

Scott E. Jackson

Hank, Cedric Softwicke

Shaun Toohey

Speedy McRabbit, Russian Announcer, ensemble

Tanya Chang

Chinese Announcer, ensemble

Tony Romani

Abner Yokum

Anna Graham


Chelsea Donaldson


Elaine McCausland


Erin McCarthy


Heather Monkman


Ken Clement

Government Specimen

Kevin Dacey


Michael Bechaalani

Government Specimen

Michael Donovan


Oscar Sabourin

Government Specimen

Peter Wilson


Roxane Delisle


Sue Dacey


Ellery's Ariel


Ellery's Kierney



Allison Hamilton

Costume Designer

Catherine Besserer

Apprentice Make-up Designer

Cathy McKechnie

Production Assistant

Christopher O'Toole

Production Coordinator

David Magladry

Lighting Designer

Deborah Fortin

Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Elaine McCausland

Properties Designer

Graham Galway

Apprentice Master Carpenter

Heather Monkman

Assistant Stage Manager

Inez Gowsell

Apprentice Costume Designer

Joanne Dupuis

Hair Designer

John Solman

Executive Producer

Kerry Oattes

Apprentice Make-up Designer

Kim Wright

Assistant Stage Manager

Kirby Naftel

Dance Captain

Neil Monkman

Stage Manager

Patti Mordasewicz

Apprentice Director

Paul Legault

Apprentice Musical Director, Accompanist

Penny Koch

Assistant Properties Designer

Peter Wilson

Master Carpenter

Robin Guy


Shaun Toohey

Dance Captain

Susan Dacey

Make-up Designer

Wayne Chomik

Sound Designer

Li'l Abner
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