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1998 - 1999

Anne of Green Gables

Our story is set in 1908, and takes place over a two-year span beginning when thirteen-year-old Anne Shirley arrives in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island.  This extremely strong-willed and imaginative young orphan girl arrives in our quiet and stoic little town, on a desperate search of love and family.  Despite much upheaval and growing pains in learning to control her tongue as well as her temper, Anne gradually brings new colour to this town through her energy and vitality, and becomes part of a loving family in return.  This story still resonates today with our innate desire to find our place to belong.

Director: Laura Charles

Musical Director: Terry Duncan

Choreographer: Debbie Millett


Andrea Kryski

Mrs. Allan

Andrew Galligan

Tommy Sloane

Angela Laturnus

Mrs. Spencer

Caroline Gowdy Williams

Rachel Lynde

Charlotte Stewart

Marilla Cuthbert

Cindy Beaton

Anne Shirley

Cleo Clatney

Minnie McPherson

Corey Tomicic

Willie Boulter

Dean McNeill

Gilbert Blythe

Ellen Asherman

Mrs. McPherson

Ellie Glantz

Mrs. Sloane

Geneviève Bourgeois

Gertie Pye

Jane Gale

Mrs. Barry

Jennie Aunger

Jane Andrews

Jennifer Rombouts

Jerry Buote

Jim Morrison


Jim Robertson

Matthew Cuthbert

Jonathan Patterson

Charlie Sloane

Joshua Walker

Timothy Andrews

Joyce Landry

Miss Muriel Stacy

Kayla Walker

Sara Gillis

Magda Koszegi

Tillie Boulter

Michael Fortier

Earl, a mailman

Michael Schilder

Cecil, a farmer

Michael Torontow

Moody Spurgeon McPherson

Natalie Bercovitz

Ruby Gillis

Robin Guy

Diana Barry

Sam Smallwood

Sam Sloane

Sandy Dale

Mr. Phillips

Shawna McSheffrey


Steve Smallwood

Mr. Allan, the minister

Sue Plummer

Mrs. Pye

Tricia Lackey

Prissy Andrews

Yvonne Neatby

Mrs. Blewtett

Zoë Sweet

Josie Pye


Brawnwin McKelvey

Make-up Designer

Cheryl Jarvis Woods

Audition Accompanist

Christine DeWitt

Assistant Stage Manager

Christine Drew

Assistant Director

Deb Fortin

Set Designer, Scenic Artist

Dennis Bond

Lighting Designer

Elaine McCausland

Executive Producer, Stage Manager

Heather Forsyth

Assistant Stage Manager

Jason McCoy

Technical Director

Lisa Phypers

Assistant Costume Designer

Lucille Warren

Assistant Choreographer

Millie Mallon

Costume Designer

Patti Mordasewicz

Properties Mistress

Peter Wilson

Master Carpenter

Sandi Mish

Wardrobe Mistress

Sheila Anderson

Hat Designer

Susan Dacey

Hair Designer

Walt Conrad

Production Coordinator

Wayne Chomik

Sound Designer

Wendy Berkelaar


Anne of Green Gables
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