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2001 - 2002

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

Our story follows the rise of J. Pierrepont Finch (a.k.a Ponty), from washing the windows of the World Wide Wicket Company (a.k.a. WWWC) to being its Chairman of the Board. Along the way he progresses from the mail room to junior executive in the Planning and Systems Dept. (and, through sheer cunning, to being its senior executive) finally ending up as V.P, in charge of Advertising. 

The path to the top, while rapid, is anything but smooth. He must not only woo our heroine, Rosemary, a steno pool gal who falls madly in love with him at first sight, but at the same time he must avoid the tempting clutches of the delectable Hedy LaRue. This would normally be a pleasant situation except for the fact that Hedy's the girlfriend of J.B. Biggley, the head of the WWWC. To complicate matters even further, the bumbling, fumbling nerd and toady Bud Frump wants the top job for himself. Bud would present no problem to our hero except that he is the favourite nephew of J.B.'s wife. However, you mustn't worry. There is a happy ending for everyone. Oh, except Bud, of course. But you will surely agree that he richly deserves his horrific and ignominious fate.

Artistic Director: Richard Elichuk
Musical Director: Drum Hudson
Choreographer: Lisa Chisholm


Al Baldwin

Book Voice, Ovington, TV announcer

Alain Patry

Office boy

Andy Williams

Bud Frump

Art King


Barbara Bailey

Studio Crew

Barry Caiger

Gatch, Davis

Debbie Kaplan

Office girl

Delaney Hinds

Policeman, Office boy

Diana-Lynn Dalton

Hedy LaRue

Elaine McCausland

Studio Crew

Erin Johnson

Office girl

Gary King


Gordon Guest

Office boy

Howard Kaplan


Jim Robertson

J.B. Biggley

Jon Kuzub

Office boy

Kris Lizuck

J. Pierrepont Finch

Lawrence Evenchick


Minna Koch

Office girl

Moe Romanow

Twimble, Wally Womper

Nicholas Nesrallah

Office boy

Patricia Kell

Office girl

Rebecca Stevenson


Renée Sobering

Office girl

Richard Clément


Roxane Delisle


Sarah Doubt

Office girl

Sean Speer

Office boy

Sharron McGuirl

Miss Jones, Scrubwoman

Tanya Chang

Miss Krumholtz, Scrubwoman

Walt Conrad



Andrea Vescei

Set Designer

Anne McGuire

Assistant Stage Manager

Barbara Bailey

Make-up Designer

Barbara Seabright-Moore

Assistant Director

Carole Quirk

Wardrobe Mistress

Dennis Bond

Lighting Designer

Elaine McCausland

Properties Co-Designer

Howard Kaplan

Production Assistant

Ian Fitze

Accompanist / Assistant Musical Director

Jenn Covert

Hair Designer

John Solman

Executive Producer, Technical Director

Maureen Chaume

Scenic Artist

Neil Monkman

Stage Manager

Peter Wilson

Co-Master Carpenter

Sandi Mish

Costume Designer

Shona Woodland

Assistant Stage Manager

Sue Dacey

Properties Co-Designer

Tom Mordasewicz

Co-Master Carpenter

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
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