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2004 - 2005

Crazy For You

Crazy For You, the Gershwin musical might appear to have a familiar storyline.  Spoiled New York playboy is sent out west to foreclose on an aging theatre.  There he meets the proprietor’s daughter and falls head over heels in love.  Naturally she rejects him because of his mission.  To prove his love, he tries to save the theatre only to meet with apparent failure at both love and business.  When she comes to realize that she is in love with him the result is a happy ending.

But it’s not that simple...Add to the mix, a fiance seeking commitment, some eccentric Deadrock citizens, a domineering mother and a Broadway impresario who shows up at the most inopportune time resulting in some very comical interactions.  In fact, the twists and turns that lead to the happy ending are among the most hilarious ever conceived for a Broadway musical.  And with twenty-two of the best known George and Ira Gershwin songs and melodies helping to tell the story, Crazy For You becomes one joyous romp as it moves between Broadway and Nevada’s Deadrock city.

Artistic Director: Marylen Milenkovic

Musical Director: Drummond Hudson

Choreographer: Chemay Forrester


Alain Patry

Junior/Dancer/Director/NY St. crowd

Andrew Wiseman

Harry-bartender/Dancer/NY St. crowd

Ava Williams

Liza-ShowGirl/Dancer/NY St. crowd

Candace Ledbetter

Leslie-Satin Doll/ShowGirl/NY St. crowd/Ensemble

Caroline Stevens

Margie-Follie Girl

Christa Cullain

Elaine-Follie Girl

Cindy Beaton

Irene Roth

Danny Long

Wally/Dancer/NY St. crowd

Dawn Miller

Mary-Satin Doll/ShowGirl/NY St. crowd/Ensemble

Debbie Kapland

Vera-Follie Girl

Derek (D.J.)Eyamie

Bobby Child

Erin O’Farrell

Susie-Follie Girl

Gordon Guest

Custus/Cowboy Trio/Dancer

Jenni Bennett-Gilmore

Betsy-Follie Girl

Jillian Lackey

Eve-ShowGirl/NY St. crowd/Ensemble

Jim Tanner

Eugene Fodor

Joey De Carle


John Connolly

Pete/Cowboy/NY Stagehand/Director/Ensemble

Leah Cogan

Tess – dance director/Follie Girl dancer

Lucille Warren

Louise-Follie Girl

Matt Minter

Wyatt/Cowboy Trio/NY Stage Manager/Card Player/Ensemble

Maureen Johnson

Patricia Fodor

Michael Wenzowski

Bela Zangler

Natalie Cross

Mitzi-Follie Girl

Patrick (Paddy) McCarthy

Billy/Dancer/Acrobat/Card Player/NY St. crowd

Rachel Cyr

Sheila-Follie Girl

Reba Sigler

Patsy/Follie Girl

Rob Singlehurst

Lank Hawkins

Sharron McGuirl

Mother (Lottie Child)

Shaun Toohey

Mingo/Cowboy Trio/Dancer/NY St. crowd

Shawna Morgan

Helen-Satin Doll/ShowGirl/NY St. crowd/Ensemble

Tim Hillock

Moose/Cowboy/NY Stagehand/Ensemble

Tony Adams

Everett Baker

Tricia Lackey

Polly Baker


Amy Lupiano

Apprentice Hair and Make-up

Cathy McKechnie

Properties Mistress

Cheryl Jarvis-Woods


Chris Amott

Lighting Designer

Heather Forsyth

Stage Manager

Jesse Everett

Production Assistant

Joy Lackey

Costume Designer, Co-Wardrobe Mistress

Karole Kidd-Witiuk


Kathleen Arbour

Production Coordinator

Kim MacDonald

Assistant Stage Manager

Lena Triebe

Executive Producer

Michael K. Brown

Sound Designer

Monique Ecroyd

Assistant Stage Manager

Nancy Solman

Scenic Artist

Neil Monkman

Technical Director

Paul Gardner

Set Designer

Paul Legault


Penny Koch

Properties Mistress

Sandi Mish

Costume Production Coordinator, Co-Wardrobe Mistress

Steve Jones

Master Carpenter

Susan Dacey

Hair and Make-up Designer

Crazy For You
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