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2005 - 2006


Cold and penniless, unemployed opera singer Victoria Grant wanders into the gay bar, Club Chez Lui.  There she is in Paris befriended by Carroll Todd (Toddy to his friends) who offers her the use of his apartment.  He reassures her that she is safe, as he is gay.

One there, they talk about life and Victoria tells of what she could do if she were a man.  The wheels start to spin in Toddy's brain and, asking her to trust him, he convinces her that she could be a woman impersonating a man impersonating a woman.

Count Victor Grazinksy, Poland's greatest female impersonator, is all the rage in Paris...

All goes well until the arrival of King Marchand, a Chicago mobster, his bodyguard Squash and his moll Norma.  For King and Victor, it's love and lust at first sight.  King is convinced that he is a she.  But what if he isn't?

Things get worse when Sal Andretti, King's partner, and two thugs show up in Paris. There are charges, counter-charges and general mayhem ... but we'll let you in on a little secret: there is a happy ending and all the problems are solved in a rousing finale.

Artistic Director: Richard Elichuk

Musical Director: Gabe Leury

Choreographer: Debbie Millett


Al Baldwin

King Marchand

Alexis Fakouri

Dance Chorus

Amanda Shilo

Dance Chorus

Andrew Wiseman

Dance Chorus

Ariane Roy

Flower Lady, Reporter, Chorus

Barb Seabright-Moore

Victor/Victoria Grant

Bonnie Bowie

Hat Check Girl, Dance Chorus

Carley Cloutier

Dance Chorus

Cheryl Sheffer

Reporter, Chorus

Christa Cullain

Dance Chorus

David Paterson

Armand La Fleur, Chorus

Debbie Kaplan

Chambermaid, Dance Chorus

Delaney Hinds

Gregor, Chorus

Howard Kaplan

Stagehand, Chorus

Irish O'Brien

Simone Calisto, Dance Chorus

J.T. Morris

Dance Chorus

Jay Landreville


Jeremy Rabinovitch

Juke, Policeman, Chorus

Jim Morrison

Guest, Chorus

Jim Robertson

Sal Andretti, Guest, Chorus

Jim Tanner

André Cassell

Joyce Landry

Norma Cassidy

Katie Ciavaglia

Dance Chorus

Lawrence Evenchick

Henri Labisse

Lindsay Hill

Stagehand, Chorus

Lorne Landreville

Policeman, Chorus

Lucille Warren

Dance Chorus

Maria Mespolet

Madame Roget, Dance Chorus

Mark Merredew

Squash Bernstein

Meredith Dixon

Reporter, Chorus

Nicholas Nasrallah

Jazz Singer, Dance Chorus

Patricia Leduc

Guest, Chorus

Philip Sockett

Richard DiNardo, Dance Chorus

Pino Dicorato

Choreographer, Clam, Dance Chorus

Reba Sigler

Dance Chorus

Réjean Dinelle-Mayer

Carroll Todd (Toddy)

Sharye Marcus

Miss Selmer, Chorus

Sue McGahey

Celeste La Fleur, Chorus

Tanya Chang

Dance Chorus

Trisha McLay

Guest, Reporter, Chorus


Anne McGuire

Props Designer

Carole Quirk

Wardrobe Mistress

Catherine Kiraly

Make-up Designer

Charles Russell

Technical Director

Cindy Sceviour

Sound Designer

Drummond Hudson

Production Coordinator

Jeanie Stewart

Co-Scenic Artist

John Briggs

Assistant Stage Manager

John Solman

Lighting Designer

Judy Froome

Costume Designer

Kerry Price

Hair Designer

Len Boone

Apprentice Artistic Director

Lena Triebe

Stage Manager

Lucille Warren

Assistant Choreographer

Margaret Coderre-Williams

Set Designer, Co-Scenic Artist

Maureen McGovern

Production Assistant

Michael Wenzowski

Apprentice Sound Designer

Paul Legault


Peter Wilson

Master Carpenter

Rita Paterson


Sandi Mish

Costume Production Manager

Taigan Penny

Assistant Stage Manager

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