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2009 - 2010

Little Women

Based on Louisa May Alcott's classic 1869 semi-autobiographical novel, it focuses on the four March sisters - feisty, tomboyish, aspiring author Jo, romantic Meg, pretentious Amy, and kind-hearted Beth - and their beloved Marmee, at home in Concord, Massachusetts while the family patriarch is away serving as a Union Army chaplain during the Civil War. Intercut with the vignettes in which their lives unfold are several recreations of the melodramatic short stories Jo writes in her attic studio.

Director: Barbara Seabright-Moore

Musical Director: Murray Doggett

Choreographer: Debbie Miller


Emily Reid

Mrs. Kirk, Chorus

Erin Hill

Meg March

Jasmine Lee

Troll, Chorus

Jeremy Crookston

Rodrigo, Chorus

Jim Morrison

Monk, Chorus

Jonathan Harris

Theodore Laurence III (Laurie)

Justin Hills

The Knight, Chorus

Kelleagh Moore

Amy March (young), Hag, Older Amy understudy

Ken Tucker

Mr. Laurence

Lucy Bamforth

Rodrigo 2, Chorus

Mark Merredew

Monk, Chorus

Mary Ellen Vice

Marmee March

Mary-Bernadette Bélanger

Lead Troll, Chorus

Paula Berry

Beth March

Reba Sigler

Amy March (older), Jo March understudy

Sarah Swire

Jo March

Sean Brennan

Mr. John Brooke

Sharron McGuirl

Aunt March

Susan Robbins

Clarissa, Chorus

Tanya Guimond

Hag, Chorus

Tim Oberholzer

Professor Bhaer

Victor Pokinko

Braxton, Chorus


Andrew Galligan

Revolve Crewman

Anne McGuire

Co-Props Designer

Bruce Ecroyd

Revolve Crewman

Caitlin Moore

Assistant Stage Manager

Charles Russell

Stage Manager, Co-Technical Director

Christine Drew

Orpheus House Social Convenor

Drum Hudson

Centrepointe Social Convenor

Erynn Paton

Costume Production Manager

Jeanie Stewart

Co-Scenic Artist

John Cybanski

Sound Designer

John McGovern

Audition and Rehearsal Accompanist

Judy Follett-Johns

Production Assistant

Judy Froome

Costume Designer

Karole Kidd-Witiuk


Kerry Price

Make-up/Hair Designer

Lisa Hopkins


Margaret Coderre-Williams

Set Designer, Co-Scenic Artist

Marlene Hudson

Centrepointe Social Convenor

Maureen Speer


Michael Schilder

Revolve Manager

Monique Ecroyd

Assistant Stage Manager

Patti Mordasewicz

Co-Props Designer

Peter Wilson

Co-Master Carpenter

Rob Puchyr

Lighting Designer

Ruth Kwan

Rehearsal Accompanist

Steven Jones

Executive Producer, Co-Technical Director

Tom Mordasewicz

Co-Master Carpenter

Wendy Blakey

Wardrobe Mistress

Little Women
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