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2009 - 2010

The Producers

New York, 1959, Max Bialystock was once the King of Broadway, but now all his shows close on opening night. Things turn around when he's visited by Leo Bloom, a neurotic accountant who proposes a scheme that's tailor-made for producers who can only make flops – raise far more money than needed, then make sure the show ... is a flop! No one will be interested in it, so the surplus can be pocketed. Together they produce musical called Springtime for Hitler written by escaped Nazi Franz Liebkind. Then they get an insanely flamboyant director and hire a loopy Swedish bombshell (whose last name has over fifteen syllables) as lead actress. As opening night draws near, what can go wrong? Well, there's just no accounting for taste...

Director: Richard Elichuk

Musical Director: Brian Boggs

Choreographer: Joan Scarcella-Kovacs


Alex Beraldin

First Night Theatre-Goer, Storm Trooper

Andrew Galligan

Accountant, Heil-Lo, Jack Lapidus, Roger's Designer, Sadistic Guard

Barbara Seabright-Moore

First Night Theatre-Goer, Follies Girl, Lick Me – Bite Me

Bob Lackey

Accountant, Bavarian Singer, First Night Theatre-Goer, Hors D'Oeuvre

Bryan Jesmer

Carmen Ghia

Bryan Léger

Convict, First Night Theatre-Goer, Heil-Lo, Sabu

Dana Schneider

First Night Theatre-Goer, Follies Girl

David McLaughlin

Franz Liebkind

Debbie Kaplan

Chorus Girl, Storm Trooper, Stroke Me – Whip Me

DeeDee Butters


Delaney Hinds

Storm Trooper, Street Person

Erica O'Reilly

Bavarian Singer, Pigeon, Street Person

Erica Séguin

Storm Trooper, Street Person

Erynn Paton

Pigeon, Storm Trooper, Street Person

Gordon Guest

Accountant, First Night Theatre-Goer, Guard, Roger's Designer, Storm Trooper

Jesse Gervais

Hors D'Oeuvre, Sadistic Guard, Storm Trooper, Street Person

Jim Morrison

Accountant, Bavarian Singer, Convict, Street Person

Jim Tanner

First Night Theatre-Goer, Hitler, Sergeant Seamus O'Schwartz

Justin Hills

Convict, Storm Trooper Soloist, Street Person

Keith Goranson

Heil-Lo, Jason, Mr. Marks, Street Person

Kodi Cannon

Leo Bloom

Lawrence Evenchick

Accountant, Convict, Heil-Lo, Hitler, Hors D'Oeuvre

Linda Webster

Chorus Girl, Sadistic Guard, Storm Trooper, Street Person

Madelaine Saginur

Convict, Follies Girl, Jackie Lapidus, Roger's Designer, Street Person

Maria Mespolet

Chorus Girl, Convict, Storm Trooper, Usherette

Mark Merredew

Bavarian Singer, Convict, Police Officer, Street Person

Matt Easterbrook

Bavarian Singer, Convict, First Night Theatre-Goer, Hors D'Oeuvre, Police Officer

Maureen Speer

Bavarian Singer, First Night Theatre-Goer, Hold Me – Touch Me

Melanie Mastronardi

Chorus Girl, Convict, Storm Trooper

Mychèle Lebrun

Bavarian Singer, Convict, First Night Theatre-Goer, Pigeon

Nicole Tishler

Convict, First Night Theatre-Goer, Follies Girl

Rachael McAuley

Pigeon, Storm Trooper, Street Person

Richard Clément

First Night Theatre-Goer, Heil-Lo, Hitler, Prison Trustee

Roger Webber-Taylor

Accountant, Bailiff, Storm Trooper, Street Person

Réjean Dinelle-Mayer

Roger Debris

Sean Brennan

Heil-Lo, Roger's Designer, Street Person

Shaun Erb

Heil-Lo, Hitler, Judge Maxwell, Street Person

Shaun Toohey

Max Bialystock

Stephanie Crepin

Bavarian Singer, Chorus Girl, Street Person

Tanya Chang

Chorus Girl, Kiss Me – Feel Me, Storm Trooper

Tanya Guimond

Chorus Girl, Convict, Storm Trooper, Usherette

Tim Hillock

Heil-Lo, Police Officer, Person


Anne McGuire

Props Designer

Cynthia Sanoy

Costume Designer

Drummond Hudson


Gabe Leury

Production Assistant

Greg Akeson


Janet Quirt

Wardrobe Mistress

Jennifer Donnelly

Set Designer

Jim Robertson

Apprentice Artistic Director

John Cybanski

Sound Designer

Joy Lackey

Social Convenor

Judy Froome


Karold Kidd-Witiuk

Costume Production Manager

Kerry Price

Makeup & Hair Designer

Lena Triebe

Stage Manager

Margaret Coderre-Williams

Lighting Designer

Robin Riddihough

Scenic Artist

Steven K. Jones

Executive Producer, Master Carpenter, Technical Director

The Producers
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