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2010 - 2011

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

In a small town on the French Riviera, con man Lawrence Jameson has been making a lavish living convincing wealthy women to give him expensive objects and large sums of money. André Thibault, his accomplice, and the local chief of police, informs him that another con artist known as "The Jackal" is rumoured to be in the area.  Freddy Benson, a small-town crook, appears.

At Freddy's insistence, Lawrence takes him under his wing and starts to teach him about the finer things in life.  While in training, Freddy joins Lawrence in his schemes, helping keep marriage-minded women from getting too close.

Freddy soon chafes at the situation and he and Lawrence have a falling-out.  They decided on a contest to see who will move on and who will stay.  The challenge?  The first to con fifty thousand dollars from newly arrived heiress Christine Colgate, the American Soap Opera Queen, will have the town to himself.

The game is on.  Freddy opens; Lawrence counters.  Lawrence advances; Freddy blocks.  It is false identities and convincing lies, ruse and counter-move, with Christine caught in the middle; both men try not only to take her money but also to outwit the other in the process.  As the contest develops, the con men learn that Christine is not wealthy at all, but both have fallen for her and the bet is changed, now becoming a contest to see who can win her favour.

Lawrence, the more experienced swindler, starts to emerge as the apparent winner, but Christine, before leaving town, arranges a tryst with Freddy.  Freddy has won; Lawrence must leave.

Or maybe not...

Artistic Director: Shaun Toohey

Musical Director: Wendy Berkelaar

Choreographer: Chantale Kutkewich


Alison Foley Howard

Retired lady, Ensemble

Andréa Black

Usherette, Dance Ensemble

Bob Lackey

Hotel Manager, Nikos, Ensemble

Brandyn Mascall

Bellboy, Dance Ensemble

Bree Bouvier

Dance Ensemble

Carmella Wilson

Nun, Ensemble

Christa Cullain

Jolene Oakes

Christel Mack

Woman 3, Ensemble

David McLaughlin

Freddy Benson

David Rowan

Bellboy, Dance Ensemble

Debbie Kaplan

Woman 4, Ensemble

Drake Evans

Bellboy, Dance Ensemble

Elliot Greenberg

Croupier, Sailor, Ensemble

Irish O'Brien

Muriel Eubanks

Jennifer Fontaine

Lenore, Ensemble

Jeremy Mesiano-Crookston

Sailor, Ensemble

Jeremy Sanders

Bellboy, Dance Ensemble

Jesse Gervais

Bellboy, Dance Ensemble

Kaitlyn Taylor

Dance Ensemble

Katie Burgess

Dance Ensemble

Lawrence Evenchick

André Thibault

Lawrence Mahusky

Desk Clerk, Ensemble

Linda Webster

Renée, Ensemble

Maria Mespolet

Sophia, Ensemble

Murray Doggett

Retired man, Ensemble

Rob Henderson

Lawrence Jameson

Robert Salter

Waiter, Accordian Player, Ensemble

Roger Chan

Gerald, Ensemble

Shawna McSheffrey

Christine Colgate

Stephanie Jensen

Dance Ensemble


Andrew Galligan

Assistant Stage Manager

Gabe Leury

Production Assistant

Heather Forsyth

Stage Manager

Jennifer Donnelly

Set Designer

Jim Robertson


John Cybanski

Sound Designer

Joy Lackey

Orpheus House Social Convenor, Theatre Food Coordinator

Kerry Price

Make-Up and Hair Designer

Margaret Coderre-Williams

Lighting Designer

Monique Ecroyd

Assistant Stage Manager

Nicole Milne

Apprentice Artistic Director

Paul Legault


Robin Riddihough

Scenic Artist

Stephanie Williams

Props Designer

Steven K. Jones

Executive Producer, Master Carpenter, Technical Director

Susan Cole

Costume Designer

Tiara Wallace

Wardrobe Mistress, Costume Production Manager

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
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