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2012 - 2013


One of the most explosive movie musicals in recent memory bursts onto the live stage with exhilarating results.  When Ren and his mother move from Chicago to a small farming town, Ren is prepared for the inevitable adjustment period at his new high school. What he isn't prepared for are the rigorous local edicts, including a ban on dancing instituted by the local preacher, determined to exercise the control over the town's youth that he cannot command in his own home.  When the reverend's rebellious daughter sets her sights on Ren, her roughneck boyfriend tries to sabotage Ren's reputation, with many of the locals eager to believe the worst about the new kid.  The heartfelt story that emerges is of a father longing for the son he lost and of a young man aching for his father who walked out on him.  To the rockin' rhythm of its Oscar- and Tony-nominated top 40 score (the soundtrack album reached number one on the Billboard charts and has sold over 15 million copies!), augmented with dynamic new songs for the stage musical, Footloose celebrates the wisdom of listening to young people and guiding them with a warm heart and and open mind.

Artistic Director: Shaun Toohey

Musical Director: Wendy Berkelaar

Choreographer: Gabe Wolinsky


Alex Brunjes


Alison Foley Howard

Lulu Warnicker

Andrew Botros

Adult Ensemble, Bar-B-Que Dancer

Andrew Portolesi


Andréa Black

Urleen, Dance Captain

Brandyn Mascall


Brennan Richardson

Chuck Cranston

Cindy Beaton

Betty Blast, Cowgirl 2, Bar-B-Que Dancer

Courtney Vezina

Ariel Moore

Danielle Denisco

Teen Ensemble,Potawney Bridge Kid,Bar-B-Que Dancer

Dave Rowan

Teen Ensemble, Bobby, Cowboy Bob

Debbie Guilbeault

Ethel McCormack

Donna St-Jean

Vi Moore

Drake Evans


Evan Welchner

Teen Ensemble, Bar-B-Que Dancer

Gregory Yves Fenelon

Teen Ensemble, Chicago Boy 2, Bar-B-Que Dancer

Haley Doelman

Teen Ensemble

Jacob Roberts

Teen Ensemble, Chicago Boy 3, Bar-B-Que Dancer

Jeremy Sanders

Teen Ensemble, Chicago Boy 1, Bar-B-Que Dancer

Jim Tanner

Adult Ensemble

Jordan King


Ken Tucker

Reverend Shaw Moore

Lawrence Evenchick

Principal Harry Clark

Liane Wray

Eleanor Dunbar, Cowgirl 1, Bar-B-Que Dancer

Mary Connelly

Adult Ensemble

Mary-Bernadette Belanger

Teen Ensemble, Bar-B-Que Dancer

Mathieu-Philippe Perras

Ren McCormack

Michael Schilder

Wes Warnicker

Michelle Dennis

Adult Ensemble, Bar-B-Que Dancer

Peter Doherty

Teen Ensemble,Potawney Bridge Kid,Bar-B-Que Dancer

Phillip Merriman

Williard Hewitt

Rebecca Abbott


Rob Singlehurst

Coach Roger Dunbar, Cowboy 1, Bar-B-Que Dancer

Sally McIntyre

Adult Ensemble, Bar-B-Que Dancer

Sarah Marks

Teen Ensemble

Shawn Smith

Adult Ensemble, Bar-B-Que Dancer

Sierra Slegtenhorst

Teen Ensemble, Bar-B-Que Dancer

Stéphanie Stroud

Wendy Jo

Tanika Johnny Gauntts

Teen Ensemble, Bar-B-Que Dancer

Tasia Loeffler-Vulpe

Teen Ensemble,Potawney Bridge Kid,Bar-B-Que Dancer

Tessa Bangs

Teen Ensemble, Bar-B-Que Dancer

Tim Hillock

Adult Ensemble


Ashley Cannon

Production Assistant

Bryan Jesmer

Social Convenor

Chris Santillån

Apprentice Musical Director

Derek (DJ) Eyamie

Assistant Choreographer

Ellen Seguin

Props Designer

France Bastien

Centrepointe Food Coordinator

Grace Solman

Set Designer

Heather Forsyth

Stage Manager

J. Taylor Morris

Apprentice Artistic Director

Jim Robertson


John Cybanski

Sound Designer

John Leclaire

Shadow ASM

John Solman

Lighting Designer

Kellina Gehrels

Rehearsal Accompanist

Kerry Gervais

Hair and Makeup Designer

Kevin Gehrels

Technical Director, Master Carpenter

Kim MacDonald

Assistant Stage Manager

Maritie Lord

Apprentice Stage Manager

Monique Ecroyd

Assistant Stage Manager

Nancy Solman

Set Designer

Paul Legault

Audition Accompanist

Pauline Doggett

Wardrobe Supervisor

Richard Clement

Costume Designer

Steven K. Jones

Executive Producer

Tony Walker

Scenic Artist

Wendy Blakey

Costume Production Manager

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