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2015 - 2016

The Who's Tommy

The Who's Tommy is the tale of a young boy's journey from pain to triumph. During WWII, young RAF Captain Walker parachutes into Germany, is captured and presumed dead.  Back home in London, his pregnant wife gives birth to their son, Tommy, and takes a lover.  The war ends and the missing captain returns to find his wife with her new beau and kills him.  Tommy witnesses the murder in a mirror and is left in a total state of catatonia brought on by the shock of the murder.  His father ends up being acquitted but young Tommy is still too seriously withdrawn to show any emotion at the verdict.

His extended dysfunctional family (uncle, cousins, etc.) misuse and abuse the young deaf, dumb and blind Tommy until it's discovered that he has an uncanny knack for gaming.  He goes on to become an international pinball superstar.  Medical advice, parental affection, even a proposed sexual awakening, fail to remedy the boy's affliction.  Only the breaking of the original mirror finally frees him.

Artistic Director: Michael Gareau

Musical Director: Brian Boggs

Choreographer and assistant Director: Andréa Black


Alexandra Uhlenberg

Nurse, Mrs. Simpson, Ensemble

Andrew Galligan

Lover, Harmonica Player, Newspaper vendor, Ensemble

Axandre Lemours

Hawker, Ensemble

Bebe Brunjes

1st Officer, 1st Pinball Lad, Ensemble

Bebe Brunjes

Second Barrister

Beverley Soifer

Gypsy, Nurse, Ensemble

Brandon Nguyen

Local Lad, Ensemble

Bryan Jesmer

Uncle Ernie

Bryn Orth-Lashley


Darren Bird

Captain Walker

Ella Samojlenko

Tommy (age 10)

Emily Samojlenko


Erika Séguin

Mrs. Walker

Hannah Grant

Local Lass, Sally Simpson, Ensemble

Jamie Rice

First Barrister

Jamie Rice

2nd Officer, 2nd Pinball Lad, Ensemble

Jasmine Lee

Specialist's Assistant, Local Lass, Ensemble

Jason Wong

1st Allied Soldier, Local Lad, D.J., Ensemble

Jeremy Sanders

Narrator/Tommy, Tommy (age 18)

Jillian Conway

Local Lass, Ensemble

Jim Tanner

Minister, Judge, Ensemble

Katie Shapiro

Local Lass, Nurse, Ensemble

Laura Burk

Matron, Minister's Wife, Ensemble

Lauren Samojlenko

Tommy (age 4)

Marc Reside

Specialist, Ensemble

Michael Moreau

Local Lad, Ensemble

Morgan Coughlan

Cousin Kevin, Ensemble

Rachel Moore

Local Lass, Ensemble

Rick Burk

Mr. Simpson, Ensemble

Samantha Clarke

Local Lass, Ensemble


Ashley Cannon

Assistant Stage Manager

Barry Caiger

Accent Coach

Bruce Ecroyd

Wireless Microphone Specialist

Bryan Jesmer

Social Convenor

Chris McLeod

Fight Choreographer

Christy Bindhardt

Set Designer

Derek Hilton

Wireless Microphone Specialist

Drum Hudson

Producer, Military Consultant

Fabian Santos

Wardrobe Supervisor

Fraser Scantlebury

Projections Designer

Heather Forsyth

Stage Manager

Jasmine Lee

Dance Captain

Jean Meldrum

Theatre Food Coordinator

Jenn Donnelly

Wardrobe Supervisor

John Cybanski

Sound Designer

John LeClaire

Production Assistant

John Litster

Apprentice Producer

John McGovern

Rehearsal Accompanist

John Solman

Lighting Designer

Joyanne Rudiak

Apprentice Musical Director

Julie Dustin

Crew Chief

Linda Sabourin

Costume Production Manager

Mark Muench

Master Carpenter

Michael Kavcic

Sound Assistant

Monique Ecroyd

Crew Chief

Murray Doggett

Technical Director

Pam Chartrand

Props Designer

Pauline Doggett

Costume Designer

Raven Drake


Stephanie Williams

Volunteer Coordinator

Steven K. Jones

Executive Producer

Susan Cole

Costume Designer

Tiffany Korejwo

Make-Up and Hair Designer

Tony Walker

Scenic Artist

Wendy Berkelaar


The Who's Tommy
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