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Shine on Elisabet Melihen

Our next Shine On winner is Elisabet Melihen, Outstanding organizer and community builder!

Nomination and text by Debbie Guibeault Dee Gee

Thank you for your leadership, your community-building and your ability to adapt to the circumstances, Elisabet!

In Russell, just before Covid came knocking, I had joined a 55+ club. I had attended my first luncheon and was astounded by the turnout and the organization. The organizer, Elisabet Melihen, was greeting all newcomers like myself and making sure that they were made to feel welcome. A quick meeting listed the many activities planned for the year: clubs galore like photography, cards, genealogy, arts and crafts and several trips near and far for seniors in the community.
Despite having to cancel most of these activities since March 2020, Elisabet pivoted and became a lifeline for many. She sends out government notices, she informs people about local pickup opportunities, she sends encouraging notes and lets people know that if they are having difficulty with anything to just reach out. Her team also phones folks personally to check in. To defeat boredom and isolation, she and her team of volunteers organized a safe car rally to get seniors out and about.
For her tireless efforts especially over the last year, Elisabet is worthy of this recognition.


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