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The cast of Rock of Ages

We're pumped to share with you the cast of Rock of Ages

Connor McMahon - Drew
Rana Laviolette - Sherrie
Malcolm Scott - Dennis
Brennan Richardson - Lonny
Derek Eyamie - Stacee Jaxx
Christa Cullain - Regina
Jerusha Lewis - Justice
Paddy McCarthy - Franz
Wayne McNamara - Hertz

Our ensemble
Calvin McKee - Joey Primo
Greg Palmer - Keith Gill
Katie Shapiro - Waitress
Neil Cachero - Mayor/Producer
Teresa Malfara - Constance
Alex Sinha
Johanne Boisvenu-Henry
Taeyun Moon

and our backstage rockers!
Alex Williams-Zannis
Antonio DiRienzo
Beverley Soifer
Debbie Guilbeault
Emily Tohana
Jennifer Grimsey
Marc Reside
Maxime Trepanier


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