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The revival fund

To Our Valued Donors, Subscribers, and Members, As I write this message, I am reminded that the original plan for tonight was to go back to the theatre and enjoy another night of Anything Goes after what would have been a well deserved night off. Of course, this is not the case, but we still have a lot to celebrate and a lot on the go. While we anxiously await to return to the stage for you, we just want to take a moment to remind you that Orpheus is not going anywhere, and let you know that you can still help us move forward. We know how patient you've remained to continue your support in the absence of a subscription season. As the majority of donations come in with the purchase of subscriptions through the Meridian Theatres at Centrepointe Box Office, we were not prepared to accommodate that intake in house, and in today's world of quick online payments. We have been working hard these past few months to develop that platform for you, and we are now proud to share it with you, and let you know what's going on. Welcome to The Revival Fund!

This period of extended intermission offers us the time to rebuild and to reinvest in our organization. It is the time for an Orpheus Revival. As such, we are launching an ambitious campaign and plan to improve our operations, our membership and volunteer experience, and our facilities. Each item will in turn improve our product, and ensure that we return to the stage for you better and stronger than ever before.

Here is some of what we're working on:

  • A new Membership Management Software, offering a centralized space for internal production/committee communications, external communications, engagement retention, and online payments. This has been launched, and is how you are now able to make donations quicker than ever before;

  • A Production Office, offering our members and volunteers a space to work on site, and consolidate their hundreds of documents;

  • A renewed dedication to offering classes and workshops to improve the skills of our artists, and those in the greater Ottawa community. Instructors will be industry experts who can effectively share the tools to ensure higher quality productions through better designs and performances;

  • Increased outreach and accessibility programs to ensure a more diverse membership, audience, community, and product;

  • A safe, hospitable, and functional facility, allowing our Board and departments the opportuntiy to work effectively and efficiently. This includes redesign, renovations, and a large amount of waste removal, as evidenced in the photo below;

  • A safe Parking Lot so our members and volunteers no longer have to fear slipping on ice in those winter months; and,

  • More!

In a typical season, you see exactly where your donations are going up on the stage. Hopefully now, we can shine the spotlight on the behind the scenes costs. Your donations will not only keep Orpheus alive and well for the return, they will directly contribute to our Revival, ensuring that we can be better for you. You can experience one of those improvements now. Donating to Orpheus has never been easier! By following the link below, you will be able to make a secure, online donation that is flexible to your schedule and budget. Currently have a profile in our new membership portal? You can also donate any time by logging in to your account. Please consider contributing to The Revival Fund today and be a part of the continued growth of Orpheus Musical Theatre. You can find more information and Donate Now by Clicking Here! I look forward to sharing our progress with you over the coming months, letting you know more about where your donations are going. Until then, please stay safe and positively occupied! Sincerely, J.T. Morris General Manager


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